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Website Video Content 5 Minute


Web video content can be achieved cost effectively with this package you get a 5 minute video production completed in our studio by our very own presenters and we perform your script for you there is no better way to get started and creating video content for your website or social media.

For an amazing £50 you can have our team of professionals deliver an impressive video newsletter, bulletin or interview at our studios and completed and turned round and uploaded to you tube for you to use to get your message out there quickly and cost effectively we provide all the equipment a presenter and can work from your scripts to deliver what you require, you may even send your staff to our studios to be interviewed or deliver their message personally.

Your footage will be edited and based on your brief we can convert the video ready for embedding on your website easily, many of our clients use our services to deliver newsletters, updates and a continual stream of informative information for their marketing teams or direct communication to their clients and you will find this is one of the most cost effective ways to keep content on your website fresh and up to date with a simple weekly or monthly updated video costing you just £50 there is no need to employ web site designer services or have a technical understanding we simply just update the hosted video file keeping your content fresh and current with all your latest news and developments it really couldn't be any easier and the content can be changed within hours of you advising our team of your hot news or updated information these will be filmed and uploaded as soon as you have approved the footage.

So you can book a video with a script of less than 5 minutes here now and we will get to work on producing your video and uploading it to our servers ready to be embedded on your site.

If you require bespoke web video content see more details here


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How we produce your Website Video Content 5

Our web content package allows you to swiftly and cost effectively create web content for your website.

This package allows you up to 5 minutes of content, shot edited and uploaded.

you can visit our studios and deliver your own script to camera or you can send us your script and we will deliver the piece to camera for you once complete we will process the video and deliver it back to you via our online platform ready for you to download and embed to your website or share socially.

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