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DIY Wedding Video Package Comparison

Select Your Package Inclusive Price Hire Days Camcorder Model Top Light Video Tripod Professional Edit Graded Video Audio Dubbed YouTube Upload Licensed Audio Choice Of Titles Wireless Microphones

Record Time

Shouldermount Shoot Yourself Wedding Video £100 5 Sony MC2000 Yes Yes             £40 6 Hours
HandHeld Shoot Yourself Wedding Video £100 5 Sony MC50 Yes Yes             £40 6 Hours

Two Camera Shoot Yourself Wedding Video

£175 5

1xMC50 1xMC2000

Yes Yes             £40 12 Hours

ShoulderMount You Shoot We Edit Wedding Video

£300 5 Sony MC2000 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes £40 6 Hours
HandHeld You Shoot We Edit Wedding Video £300 5 Sony MC50 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes £40 6 Hours
2 Camera You Shoot We Edit Wedding Video £450 5

1xMC50 1xMC2000

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes £40 6 Hours
ShoulderMount Complete Wedding Video Production £600 5 Sony MC2000 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 6 Hours
HandHeld Complete Wedding Video Production £600 5 Sony MC50 Yes


Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 6 Hours


























Choosing A Company To Trust With Your Shoot It Yourself Wedding Video

If you are looking at a shoot it yourself wedding video the you might be interested in comparing whats on offer this comparison will give you an overview of whats available fromVid4 who have been servicing the DIY Wedding Video Market and Professional Wedding Videographers and Film Makers since 2005. We are run and operated by a team of passionate videographers and a family owned business with a proven track record of delivering the highest standard of service based on our self set high standards. To date we have completed well over two thousand video packages to the wedding Video industry which we are sure would make us the largest and longest established provider to the wedding videography market in fact many of the specialist wedding video companies source equipment from Vid4 on a regular basis.

You will see whats included in  our packages and we would urge you to compare what Vid4 offer and include as standard in our packages and make your own mind up, we would like to think that we offer an extremly competitive yet the most comprehensive packages available backed by as far as we are aware the most experienced and dedicated team and all our services benefit from the following professional touches that you will not find elsewhere.

Selecting Your Wedding Video Package

We have made choosing your wedding video package as easy as possible you can clearly see whats available in each of the packages we offer and we have enclosed a detailed breakdown of what each of the above includes to keep everything nice and simple. The main choices you will need to make are whether to opt for a simple package where you can shoot your own wedding video on our equipment and edit the footage yourself you can find all our wedding video camera hire packages here. If you would rather shoot the video yourself and return the equipment to us and have our team edit and produce your wedding DVD for you then all our you shoot it we edit it wedding packages are here and lastly if yu would rather leave the whole process to Vid4 then our full blown wedding DVD production packages are here. Each package has its own options including shoulder mount or hand held camcorders and we also have multiple camera packages available, you can have a read of our handy Guide To Hiring A Video Camera For A Wedding Here which will help you make an informed decision however we are on hand to help! So for some professional advice we would love to hear from you and help with any clarification or queries you may have.

Hire Period

As standard our package gives you 5 days hire of your wedding video package allowing you time to easily master the techniques and skills you will master when shooting your Wedding Video.

Make sure that you get the maximum amount of time with your equipment before your shoot so you are comfortable to get the best results on your big day we would normally deliver on the Thursday and collect the equipment on the following Monday giving you plenty of time to become familiar with the video camera.

We deliver your equipment in a neat flight case with wheels and a pull out handle so everything is well protected and easy to transport (you dont even have to carry the box) and once your finished we will return to collect the equipment.

Best Video Camera Models For Wedding Videos

As a leading Video Camera Hire Supplier we have access to a vast range of video cameras and have made some recommendations for the equipment we feel is most suited to the wedding video industry so we have shortlisted two models to keep things simple.

Our recommended choice is the Sony HXR MC2000 this camcorder was designed from the ground up by Sony with one purpose and that was for Wedding Videos so it goes without saying that this model covers everything you need from a Camcorder or Video Camera to produce an outsanding DIY or shoot it yourself wedding video and can be found in all our options as follows Shoot It Yourself  Shoulder Wedding Video Package You Shoot It We Edit It Shoulder Wedding Package and our Professional Wedding Video Package,.The Sony HXR MC2000 model comes with a shoulder mount body so all the shots you take will be nice and stable even when not using a tripod it even features a steady shot mode that will keep ypur shots free from wobble and nice and steady, you will benefit from beautifull low light footage to capture the first dance and the nights entertainment and to top it all of a super inteligent mode that simply takes care of all the settings and makes sure your footage looks at its best given any situation this clever video even finds faces as you are shooting and makes sure they all stay in focus fitted with a top mic to pick up clear audio in the direction the video is pointing and supplied with a tripod and top light all you really have to do is point the camera in the direction you wish and press the red record button its that simple you can find out more about the Sony MC2000 used in our Wedding Video Packages above.

The alternative model we offer is the Sony HXR MC50 this little cameras main selling point is that it is so small whilst not as stable as the Sony 2000 it still delivers a great result and would suit the wedding videographer that wants to remain inconspicious you can find out more about the sony MC50 used in our Wedding Video Camera Hire Packages above.

Top Lights

We provide a professional manfrotto camera top light with your wedding video hire package to ensure you have the basic tools at your dispoal that any professional would not be without. 

This handy light will help you out in tricky situations especially during the evening or to add extra light when you may need it to make the most out of any situation and a basic requirement for the first dance and especially usefull for video diary or messages recording if the location these are shot is dimly lit which is very often the case.

Easy to use they attach to a mount on top of the camera and the video camera will automatically adjust once the video light is switched on you can see more about the video lights used in our wedding videos here. 

Wedding Video Tripods

A simple yet one of the most important accessories you will need to create the perfect Film It Yourself Wedding Video and one you really cant afford to be without. To help you shoot over long periods or during the ceremony and speeches using one of our tripods will make things much easier and keep the resulting video footage nice and stable you may find if your shooting in a church that the priest will be fine with a video camera set up on a tripod close to the action but not allow you to stand with it so without a tripod you could become unstuck.

As we believe every wedding video package should include a tripod we have included a Manfrotto Video Tripod choosen for its superior build quality and professional features all our video packages include this simple to use but high quality life saver here you can find out more about the Manfrotto Video Tripod you will get with your wedding package.


Editing Your Wedding Video

It takes a great deal of skill, experience and creativity to create a unique wedding dvd production Vid4 produce and edit all our productions in house we do not outsource any of our productions which unfortunately has become standard practice inthe film it your self wedding video industry.

If you have opted to hire just the wedding Video Camera Package then we have a great resource of helpful tips and guides to assist you from transferring the footage from your camera to your computer through to choosing software to help you create your first edit in our Editing Your Wedding Video Guide here.

If youve opted for one of our you shoot we edit video packages then our team will take care of every thing for you all our productions are edited and produced in house under the watchfull eyes of our in house producer we use the very latest in editing, compression and color management hardware and software to give your DVD a superior look and feel usually only associated to high end productions and broadcast. The turnaround time on wedding DVD productions is within 7 days from receiving the footage or your camera back unless you have requested specialist additions or directions 

Should you have any directions likes or dislikes then the editor allocated to your production will work closely with you to ensure we best meet your needs and expectations along the way whilst our skilled editing team would normally pick up on the feel and flow that works best for the finished edit from the couple being wed the type of music being played and try to capture the general feel of the day from the style of the footage you capture however we welcome any special requests or direction you would like us to work to.

Colour Grading Your Wedding DVD

Grading is a very important part of the creation process of your wedding DVD once your footage has been edited your project will be passed to our grading team and using the very latest colour management software your footage will be given a consistent, colour rich and glossy feel, we believe professional grading is a basic requirement for all great looking video footage however we believe we are the only company that includes professional grading on all our shoot it yourself wedding video packages.

By colour grading your DVD you will benefit from a vibrant professioal looking DVD to be proud of you can see below the added depth and lustre that the footage benefits from which will make the finished wedding footage have the highest quality look and feel.



Audio Dubbing On Your Wedding Video

Now we have completed your edit and graded the footage our focus now turns to your audio not only will we adjust the levels so the sound is consistent throughout and look to remove any hum or noises during the speeches and main ceremony.

Great care is then taken to dub over the music in the first dance and a couple of the tracks being played during the nights entertainment so everything is clear and sharp great skill and attention to detail is then taken to reintroduce background noise the sounds of people singing "I Will Survive" back over the top of the audio dub that we have previously edited in to make the sound as pin sharp and crisp as possible but yet still capture the atmosphere and unmissable renditions of old time favorites from your new inlaws.

Whilst we use the best available audio editing techniques and equipment there may be certain areas of audio that we simply cant enhance so always take as much care as possible when caturing audio and keeping background noise to a minimum for advice check out our Video Audio Guide.

PPL Licence for your Wedding DVD

Every DVD we produce includes a licence which allows you to use your choosen music without any copyright infingement giving your shoot it your self video the authority to legally use any music including both music recorded with the footage and any audi that we dub over the top for clarity.

Each DVD requires its own licence and we include a licence for each DVD we produce.

Presentation Box

To complete your DIY Wedding Package your DVD or Blu-Ray will be presented in an equisite gift box and dispatched to your home and its all included in any package that includes us editing your wedding DVD.



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