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Choosing the right Video Camera Hire Package

Choosing the right Video Camera Hire Package is easy you will see we have put together some packages for our most common type of clients if they are not exactly what ou are looking for then they will give you a good indication of what you need when you choose a package that matches similar requirements to your video requirements.

So rather than hiring just a video camera check out our packages which are tailored to give you all you require to get the best results when choosing your package make sure that you have the equipment a day or two before you need to film so you can get used to the equipment and do a few test shots to ensure that on the day you do not have any problems and ensure you have enough time after the shoot to copy the footage over from the camera without any pressure to return the equipment,

All our packages are for five days giving ypu plenty of time to familiarise your self and get great results and transfer your footage safely.

All our packages from our wedding video camera hire package through to our Conference video hire packages can be provided as just the simple hire of the equipment or with our editing service or you may opt to have the entire filming and production completed by members of our team you decide which level of package meets your budget and requirements best.

The key areas to consider when looking at these packages are your audio requirements, the best equipment is provided in each case for example the interview package comes with a direction mic on the top of the camera and hand held mic for asking questions, the conference and live events package comes with a camera that has XLR connectors so you can take your audio feed directly from the PA system.

Each Video Camera Hire package comes with a tripod and everything else required including battery capacity and storage capacity to record up to six hours the cables required to connect to your computer a charger and flight case to keep everything safe so should you need to transport the equipment it can be done easily and safely.



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