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Canon XF305 Hire and Rental

Brand: Canon
Product Code: Canon XF305 Hire and Rental
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Canon XF305 Hire and Rental

We have had the Canon XF305 and XF300 for Hire or Rental since April 2011 and unsurprisingly this camcorder has been making headways ever since and continues to grow in popularity. It’s the first Canon camcorder to use the revolutionary mpeg-2 full HD format that coupled with the L-Series lens and the 3cmos sensors make it a great addition to the Canon lineup if a little overdue.

Canon camcorder hire has always been a big market due to the successes of the XF300’s predecessor but now with BBC HDs approval of the Canon our hire and rental fleet of XF300s and XF305s are in great demand. As you would expect the quality therefore must be something special, and it is. The mpeg 2 codec at 4.2.2 (great for green screen) allows twice the resolution of the old HDV Format and two CF card slots allow 320 minutes of recording using 2 64gb Cards at 50Mbps.

Canon lens craftsmanship is renowned for being one of the best, if not the best in the world, and they have done it again here with the 18x L-series beast, which boasts HI UD Glass until now only used on the ultra high end lenses, 29.3 wide angle with a max aperture of 1.6 was to designed, and surpassed broadcast standard. As for audio not much change here the usual two XLR ins and onboard mic with stereo sound. The recent introduction of 3D has lead to many amateur filmmakers making their own 3D rigs and the Xf305 can be utilised in this was due to the gen-lock. Canon Xf305 hire allows you to get you hands on all these great features before you take the plunge to buy one.

Bear in mind the time lapse is limited to 10 minutes and only 1/3” sensor where as its rival the Sony ex range are fitted with 1/2'” allowing better low light performance, as you can see nothing major! In the technological world the words groundbreaking, revolutionary and state-of-the-art get thrown around all to often and have almost become a cheesy cliché but once in a while something comes along that truly is and the Canon XF300 or XF305 most definitely are astonishing so don't miss out hire or rent the Canon XF300 or XF305 and give as much notice as possible as these camcorders are in great demand


Connects via a standard USB the cable is provided
Records for up to 80 minutes on the icluded 32GB CF Card included more cards can be ordered below if you need more recording time
18 X Zoom lens 35mm equivalent of 29.3mm to 527.4mm
Works with Windows and Mac
Easy to use with fully automatic function


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