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Video SEO and Content

“Video SEO and Content ”


The rise of video in terms of website content and also as social media content shows no sign of slowing and this is why Videod offer video SEO and content production to our customers for industries across the board.  If you want to gain the benefit of video, you need high quality production that creates interesting, relevant and shareable content and this is what we can provide for you.

Our video SEO services will get your videos ranking and also result in an increase in organic listings did you know that over 80% of web pages that rank number one in search results contain a relevant video on the page the search result links to.

With our proven formula and powerfull video channells we have ranked our clients for search terms from zero to first page within a week thats how powerful video content can be when optimised by Videod, no other SEO services have such a swift positive impact on search results for a low investment with such a high return to brand penetration, conversion and visibility. 

There are hundreds of different ideas for the type of video content that may be suitable for your company.  From customer testimonials to product videos, from conference footage to workplace shots, we can create any number of different styles of video that can help you achieve your goals.

Perhaps you are unsure that video is the right thing for your company?  Here’s a few reasons why video is so popular – it adds value to a website, offering something that is easy to view and has an immediate impact on anyone who sees it.  

Video is also hugely popular with search engines such as Google and means you are more likely to see traffic from these sources when you feature video content.  And of course, video is hugely successful on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

If you know you would like to use video but are a little uncertain in what direction to go with it, then don’t worry.  Our in-house marketing team are here to help.  We can look at short and long term business goals and see where video can play a part before formulating a strategy both around the production and the following marketing that will ensure it reaches the right people.

Make the most of every second of video content on your website or social media profiles by having a high quality production from Videod that will rank highly and give you a massive boost in search rankings.


What Our Clients Say

How we produce your Video SEO and

Video SEO and content is about that special balance of the actual footage and the SEO techniques that can be used to ensure the right people see it. SEO or search engine optimisation is a series of techniques that help to make content more appealing to search engines such as Google and Bing. This, in turn, means you are more likely to receive the right kind of traffic from those search engines – people who are interested the products or services that you offer.
Here at Videod, we offer a comprehensive system where we can create the video content you require and also assist with the marketing of it. This means that we can plan what the content will be about, produce it to be of the highest quality and then assist you with marketing it so that the right people see it and it works on the various outlets available in the best possible way.
Having the right video on your website or social media profiles can see a massive increase in the amount of traffic that you receive but also in the quality of that traffic. Having 1000 people view a video on Facebook is one thing but if only 10 of them are potential customers, then this isn’t the best outcome. However, by using targeted, high quality video you can ensure that more of those viewers are people are interested in your company.
Video content can also be used to advertise the company in more traditional ways through paid advertising and even at conferences and trade shows. We can create a video that includes products, staff, management and even customers to get the right balance of elements. We can also create footage from events you are holding such as conferences, product launches, business relocations and even new staff intakes to show the best of what the company does.

Planning video SEO and content is about assessing your goals, both short and long term and seeing what kind of video content will assist with these. After all, just producing nice content is great and might bring people to your site or social media profile but created targeted specific content will have a much better return on investment.
Our process begins with a plan – where we lay out what you want from the video content and how we are going to fulfil those requirements. For example, maybe you want content for a new product launch, something you can show potential customers and even potential investors. This might involve the product, the people producing it and even a few early customer reviews if you have done some beta testing.
Another popular option is to create brand awareness content, where we highlight the good stuff about your company. This can help build trust with potential customers and can even be used as part of a recruitment drive to find new staff. It is something to show at trade events and can even be issued to investors to show why yours is a good company with good ethics and approaches to investing their money into.
In the plan, we will lay out what is required and also the equipment needed to create the content. If we are filming at the business premises, we can see how much time and at what location. Or if the shoot is at a venue such as a hotel, we can assess this. We can also establish the people required to be in the shot and arrange for them to be present when needed.
If you plan to make use of our marketing team after the content has been produced, then we can also lay the groundwork for this. Once the plan is in place, we move to filming.

The filming stage of creating video SEO and content is where we collect all the raw footage that we need to make the finished content you require. This is where we use the specialist equipment that we have to ensure that the content is not only relevant and interesting but also of the highest quality, easy to view and suitable for the different formats you may require.
Filming can take place in a number of different locations. Perhaps you plan to use the business premises to take footage of staff in action then use a meeting room for interviews or to record other content. Then we can visit the location and establish if we need lighting or sound equipment and where it is to be located to ensure we collect the best content.
If you want the shoot to take place at a venue such as a hotel, then again, we can see what we need to ensure the highest quality production is possible. We can even shoot outdoors if this is the best location for what you need and can make the most of the beautiful scenery in your area.
All the video content we create uses the latest 4K equipment as well as LED lighting that is the very newest styles available. This means we can produce content that is crisp and clean, well-lit and has excellent sound quality. This makes it easy to adapt to any different outlet including embedding on a website, social media and other purposes. We also only charge for the time we shoot so our clear pricing policy means you are always in control of your budget.
Once the filming is complete, we can move onto the production department where the raw footage collected is transformed into the finished article that you require.

Once we have obtained the footage required for video SEO and content production, we can then move to the software we have in order to edit the footage into the format you want. Our team of experts use the latest in editing and enhancement software to ensure that the high quality footage we collect is also easy to work with and cut to the length that best suits your outlet.
Our normal process is to produce a rough cut of the video as quickly as possible to allow you to view it and ensure it is heading where you want it to go. We then finalise the cut through the various programs that we use to ensure the finished piece is the right length, has the right content and can be in the right formats for use on websites, social media and even to create hard copies to play at venues or events.
Part of the editing process involves the input from our graphic designers who can help with elements such as branding and text overlays. These are the finishing touches that transform normal video content that can be shot by anyone into a high quality production that enhances the reputation of your business.
When the editing process is finished, you can view the content via our private channel. This can be done at your business premises and allows you to have all the relevant people present. Providing you are satisfied with the edit, the content can then be released to you for download straight from the channel. It is then easy to work with in formats that allow the upload to YouTube, Facebook or other sites.
The final step after production is to work with our marketing team to make the most of your video content and ensure it does what you want it to do.

Marketing your video SEO and content production is the key part of the process. Marketing techniques and strategies are the difference between success and failure for video content – after all, no matter how good it is, if people don’t see it then it doesn’t benefit your company in the right way.
Marketing goals can be things like driving traffic to the company website or enhancing brand reputation on social media. The content may be part of a product launch or a rebranding exercise. It may even be to help recruitment departments or to showcase the company to investors. Whatever the goal with the content, our marketing team can help you plan to achieve this.
Most video content is multipurpose and can be used across a number of locations. You can embed it on a special landing page on your website where viewers can be directed. Perhaps it forms part of a sales funnel, encouraging people to register interest in your product or service. Or maybe the content will be uploaded to Facebook and used as part of an ad campaign to bring more leads for your new service.
There are many different uses for video content and many benefits from it when it is marketed correctly. The current focus on video content by sites such as Facebook and the positive impact from Google and other search engines means that it can have a big benefit for your business. Combined with solid SEO practices, the content can enhance your business’ profile on the internet in a range of ways.
If you want to use the content in offline situations, we can also assist with this. For example, showing at trade shows or conferences, the content can help boost the reputation of your company and bring new customers and investors to your door.

Booking video SEO and content production is a simple process with Videod as we offer a range of contact options. If you know what you want, the equipment needed and the duration of shoot required, then you can simply make a booking through the website. But if you need to chat with us about any aspect of the production, then we are here to help.
We have various contact options including phone, email and Skype. Reach out to us to find out about the options for video content and how it can boost the SEO of your website. We are happy to chat about the marketing of the content as well as the production and allow you to formulate some goals for the end product.
When you make a booking with us, we allocate an account manager to be your liaison for the duration of the project. He or she is the point of referral for all queries about the process and will help you understand what will happen. They will help with the creation of the plan, laying out what will be in the footage, where it will be recorded and who or what will feature in it.
Your account manager is also the person to speak to about payment terms when making an ongoing booking. We always try to help where possible and they can arrange any credit checks required to help spread the cost. They will also advise of any legal terms relating to the content project such as cancellation charges.
If you decide that you want to amend the booking or need extra services, then you can contact your account manager at any time to discuss the need. We also keep you updated on the costs of the services you require so you are always informed about the prices involved.

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