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Live Video Streaming

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Live video streaming is a relative newcomer to the world of video content and has already taken it by storm.  The ability to tap into audiences that you might never have otherwise reached is a huge benefit for businesses meaning you can live stream anything from meetings and conferences to exhibitions and festivals.  We have seen live streamed question and answer sessions from around the world to classrooms in the UK or even live streaming of sports events.

Here at Videod, we can help you arrange to live stream an event anywhere in the world with our expert tools, equipment and knowledge.  We can quickly and easily set up the system to showcase your event as well as combine services to record the footage to use in other ways at a later date.

There are a number of benefits to live streaming video with better brand exposure being one of the most popular.  It also allows you to create richer content that is more natural and less staged as well as giving people a glimpse into corporate culture that can be great as part of a recruitment drive.  You can also enhance engagement with content by making people have a sense of urgency – be here now to make sure you don’t miss this.

Here at Videod, our experience with live streaming events of all kinds means we can offer the best package for your business needs.  If you know what you want to do and how you want to do it, we can make it a reality.  Or if you need inspiration or having only a rough working concept, we can help fill it out and ensure you have a usable project that will fulfil your goals.  Simply get in touch today and we can begin our process to live streaming your event.


What Our Clients Say

How we produce your Live Video

Live streaming can tap into audiences that might otherwise miss your content, allowing you to stream conferences, meetings, exhibitions and festivals, we have even streamed a live question and answer session from the jungle in Borneo to schools across the UK, Live Video Streaming means more viewers have access to your event and can be viewed any where around the world so whatever you need to stream we have the tools and skills to get you up and running quickly.
We can help you decide on how to stream if you need the feed to be private and only viewable by a select audience or we can stream to publicly available services like you tube, or even Facebook giving you access to a wider audience we even record the footage so you can re use it later or viewers can find the content on line if required.
Our pricing is clear and transparent and we offer a full service practice from conception to completion of your video content.
You can book our live streaming video production services directly online or if you would like to discuss your video requirements in more detail then please get in touch and we will assist with your plans in any way we can.

We can help you decide on how to stream if you need the feed to be private and only viewable by a select audience or we can stream to publicly available services like you tube, or even Facebook giving you access to a wider audience we even record the footage so you can re use it later or viewers can find the content on line if required.
Once we have established the key message we can work on the script and filming style to ensure you will be happy with the outcome and obtain the actions you would like from your audience.
We can give guidance on how best to convey your message utilising our in house marketing team and ensure that the video is produced to gain traction with the target viewer giving you the best possible return on your investment.
All our content works across any platform so your Conference Video will be ready to deliver across social networks, your website, or even mainstream channels like you tube and all importantly viewable on any devices like laptops enabling, tablets and smart phones allowing your viewers to watch your content anywhere.

Filming a live video streaming event is about having the right equipment and personnel in place to capture everything that you require and here at Videod, we have the experience to do this easily for you. Once we have created the plan of what is to be captured in the footage, along with elements such as audience footage and even any special interviews, then we are ready for the event itself.
We will visit the location as needed to ensure we can locate the equipment we need in the right place and then just before the event, we will have the final test. Once everything is in place and we are ready to capture the event, then we can get started.
Perhaps the event is an interview or guest speaker session that you want to have streamed to other employees. Maybe it is a live discussion between people in different locations that needs to be streamed for viewers to enjoy the entire event. Or maybe it is a conference, trade show or other event that is going to be streamed on social media to increase brand awareness. Whatever the event, we can ensure that the video content we create can work with the destination devices so that audiences can easily enjoy what we create.
We use the latest equipment to ensure that the content we create is top notch. This means cutting edge LED lighting to create bright, fresh and realistic views of the people involved. It also means that we use high quality audio equipment so that viewers can hear and understand everything being said. We can even work with outdoor locations as our equipment can work in a variety of setups.
Once we have filmed the event, then we can move to the production phase for any associated content and market the event.

The production side of a live video streaming event varies depending on what you require from the footage. Production for a basic streaming video might simply mean that we ensure the content created can be viewed on the desired devices at the desired location for staff or other private audiences to see. Or it may involve using the footage in other ways to make more from the content.
We offer a number of additional services to help you make the most of the footage that we collect. As well as live streaming the event across private or public channels, we can also help to create video content from the event. This might mean that we conduct a full edit on the content to create a highlights video to use on your company’s’ website or social media profiles.
We can also supply raw footage if you want to be able to reply the event in its original format at a later date. This means that if staff are in different time zones and are unable to be present for the original live streaming of the event, you can show them at a better time while retaining the exact same format as the original live stream.
Our production department takes that live feed and can give it the extra polish you may require to use it for different purposes. For example, sections could be used to highlight corporate culture in recruitment videos or to showcase how the company works to potential investors. By letting us know what else you require from the content after the initial live stream event, we can focus our production efforts into fulfilling that goal.
Perhaps you are unsure about what you want to do with the footage in addition to the live stream? Then that would be where our in-house marketing team could assist.

The correct marketing of both live video streaming and later recorded footage is a crucial step in achieving your goals and Videod offer in-house marketing experts that can help you with this side of the event. Whether you have clearly defined goals or simple overall aims, we can help you focus attention on the right paths to achieving them.
Key to marketing is using the content to get the message out and therefore knowing what that message is. We can help you craft that message and use highlights from the live stream to accent it, reinforcing the central point. Or we can help you market the live stream before it happens to create anticipation and enthusiasm about it online, especially on social media. This can increase the audience and always has the potential to go ‘viral’ and reach a much larger audience than expected.
If you plan to use the video content in different forms after the initial streaming, we can help you make the most of this. YouTube, for example, is a great place to have a channel dedicated to the business and to add a highlights video of the event. You can even live stream the event directly through the website to enhance the possible audience. The site is free to use and anyone can access it or you can make the stream invitation only if you want to limit the initial viewers.
Content can also be located on the company’s website. You can live stream to the site through desktop, tablet and mobile devices as well as using highlights and sections as on-going content. With the right SEO (search engine optimisation), the content can even bring traffic to the site as video content is shown to increase visitors to a website significantly and is a major factor in social media success.

Booking a live video streaming service from Videod is a simple process. You can obtain a personalised quote by calling us, sending an email or even arranging a chat across Skype where we have our own dedicated line. Here we can chat about your needs and give you a personalised quote or you can simply select what you need from the website and make a booking.
We only charge for the time on site and have a clear pricing policy that means we always give a complete and accurate quote for what you require. Only if you ask for extra services will your bill ever be higher than you expect. We can also look at payment options once a credit check has been conducted, depending on the nature of the booking and the time frames involved.
When you make a booking, you will have a dedicated account manager who will be your point of contact for the entire event. You can discuss optional extras such as using our PA system to record audio at the event as well as looking at additional services such as live mixing. This ensures that you get exactly the package you require and have a clear picture of what it will cost.
This is also the time to book extras such as the supplying of the raw footage or the creation of three minute highlight videos, even a full edit of the content after the event. You will also receive information about legal matters such as cancellation charges and timescales as well as anything we require from you before we can go ahead.
Once you have made a booking, any time you need to query or change anything, simply contact your account manager. They are available for any queries or if you need to know more about how the process works at any stage.

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All prices quoted above are for venues within the M25 we cover national and international venues and a surcharge may apply, we will confirm any additional travel costs before processing your booking.
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