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Training Video Production

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Training video production is an excellent way to create high quality content that can be used time after time to educate and train new starters as well as updating the knowledge of existing staff.  Here at Videod, we can help you create professional training videos for use both internally with your staff and externally to showcase your processes.  We have a highly professional team, smooth system and a quick turnaround to work within the deadline you have.

There are several aims from training videos – obviously, they want to convey the message of the training but they also want to present the company in a favourable way.  The content needs to be branded and engaging so that attendees will easily get the main takeaways from the content while clearly grasping the voice and brand of the company.

Creating that winning training video content is a mixture of elements and we can help you with all of them.  Whether the content is designed solely for members to staff to see or is part of a job application process, it can deliver the important information in a concise and enjoyable manner.  We can also help create content that can be delivered outside the company – perhaps on a company website to showcase the benefits of working with the company.  Or perhaps on social media to increase brand awareness and as part of a recruitment drive.

Whatever the reason you need training videos, Videod is here to help.  By working through our comprehensive process, we can ensure you get what you need and that the project is budget friendly and very efficient.  Whether you know what you want or need some help to make those decisions, we can work with you to achieve your goals with your video content.  And we can also assist with the marketing of the content if this is required.


What Our Clients Say

How we produce your Training Video

Here at Videod, our process when working with you on training video production starts with our planning department. This allows us to get a feel for what you do, what you want from the video content and where you plan to use it. Maybe you know what you need and simply require our technical expertise to make it a reality. Or maybe you know the concept but don’t have the technical know-how or experience to make it a reality.
Training is a crucial part of a business’ process and can involve both new starters and experienced, long-time staff. Regularly training on fundamental areas is often complemented by infrequent training on new systems or approaches that require special, time sensitive content. We can help you create video content quickly that means you can institute changes in the desired timeframe and include the relevant training for all staff.
Once the planning is complete and we have an agreed approach, we can then move onto the actual filming and creating the content. From the plan, we will know where we will be filming and what kind of content we are creating. The filming stage is followed by the production stage and this is where our staff will work with the technology we use to ensure the content is exactly as required.
Another important step of the process can be marketing. If you plan to use the content externally or online, then the marketing is the final step in the process. Often businesses use external experts to help with this and for that reason, we offer in-house marketers to help you do the most with your video content.
To make a booking today, simply get in touch and we can set up a meeting to discuss what we need and what you need to ensure we can help.

We understand that most businesses will embark on training video production without having the clearest idea about what they require. After all, unless you work with video content creation, then this is why you work with experts – to make use of their knowledge and experience. So our process is designed to pick up the elements you need and the smaller topics you may not have realised you need to ensure you get the end result that exceeds your expectations.
By working with Videod, you get more than just a nicely presented video. We work with you and your staff to see what you need and to offer our advice if you are uncertain. When the topic is training videos, then the process will begin with a look at to who the video will be shown – is it internal or external?
Internal training videos are usually used as part of a repeatable training program. This might be for new starters to the business or it might be for regularly retraining and to ensure the business complies with regulations regarding this area. By looking at the content you have, we can help you choose the theme and approach for the video you need and ensure the end result is both branded and in the company’s voice so employees will feel familiar with it.
External training content can be used to showcase what the company does and how it does it. It can also be used as part of the recruitment process, ensuring that new starters understand what they will be required to learn before starting their new role.
We follow the same process with all our customers to ensure that we always produce the highest standards. This can involve in-person meetings or conversations online via email, chat or Skype. Simply let us know which method works best for you when you make a booking.

Once the planning stage of a training video production is complete, we can then move to the filming stage and this is where the benefits of using Videod will truly show through. Our experience and expertise mean that we can create the highest quality video content that will fulfil your requirements easily and offer content that is enjoyable, on brand and easy to utilise.
Where we film is part of the discussions that we will have during the planning stage. For training videos, the office or premises of the business is often a popular option as this offers a sense of familiarity for the people watching. We can also offer ideas about other locations that might work well for filming, especially if there is no equipment required to demonstrate during the production. With all locations, we can ensure great lighting and sound quality with the portable equipment that we use to ensure the end result is always top quality.
If you want members of staff to feature in the video, then we can also arrange a schedule that means they are available when required. Again, this can take place at the business premises or elsewhere if this is more suitable. If you need assistance with a location, let us know and we can help arrange somewhere suitable.
Our aim is that customers are always happy with both the video content and the cost of the production so we only ever charge for the time spent filming. Our transparent pricing policy means we will always tell you what the production will cost and this will only ever change if you add or remove something from the original quote.
Once the filming is complete, the process then moves to the production phase where the content travels from raw footage to the finished product that you will use in your training program or even on your website.

Our process of training video production involves a careful and systematic production phase where the video content moves from a simple piece of recorded footage to the expert presentation that you require to show staff. We do have a short processing time where possible to allow you to see the first rough cut the next day to ensure everything is in place before we move on to the comprehensive production process. This is the time where you would see if there was anything else that was required and finalise the content as recorded.
Once you are happy with the rough cut, our technicians can then start the finishing process. We use a variety of specialist video editing software to ensure that everything we produce is as high quality as possible. You want a video that not only tells people what you require them to know but also does so in a way that is easy to view, has great sound quality and will work well in a larger room such as a training centre.
Our graphic designers will also help ensure that any branding elements within the video are in place and processes such as colour grading mean that if you plan to use the content on the internet, it will work perfectly. Once the production phase is completed, the video will be uploaded to our private channel for you to view – once you are happy with it, you can then download it straight to your own website, business servers or other location.
In addition to simply downloading it, you can now use the video for other purposes. If you want to use it to promote the business and showcase the comprehensive training program you use, then a YouTube channel or sites such as Facebook may be ideal. We can also format it to play at trade shows and seminars as required.

A final phase in the training video production process is to look at marketing the video or using the video as part of your marketing efforts. Training videos are often an in-house creation that is used to educate staff on new processes or procedures as well as to act as the focus for a new starter program. But they can also be used externally in a range of ways to the benefit of the business.
Video is a massive trend on social media at the moment, for example, and the more variety of content you can show on your profiles, the more likely that the right people will see it. If you want to use the video content to advertise vacancies within your business, then we can help with this. For instance, formatting the video to ensure it plays on a wide range of formats is crucial if you want potential employees to see if when they view it from their tablet or smartphone.
Showcasing company culture is another big marketing area and this is where the training video production can be useful. By showing what the company does for staff in the training area, you can encourage both people applying for roles within the company and even impress potential customers.
Perhaps you are unsure how the video can be used for marketing purposes – then we can help! Our in-house marketers can provide ideas and concepts to utilise the video content for a variety of purposes in addition to the standard training program. That way you can make the most of the content you have had created.
If you plan to place the content on your website to allow views, we can help ensure that the content is in the right format and that it can be viewed by any device. We can also assist with subjects such as SEO (search engine optimisation).

Booking our services for training video production is a simple process and can involve using one of our pre-designed packages if these suit your needs or creating a customised package. We can arrange for the amount of time and crew that suits the project while ensuring that you only ever pay for what you need.
With training videos, there is often the need to create a series of videos over a short time and we can offer booking discounts when you arrange these all at one time as early as possible. So if you know that in six months, you will need a series of videos for a new process you are instituting, then booking our services early as well can save your business money.
We have various means of contact including our telephone number, email queries and an online booking process. We also have a dedicated Skype number that allows you to chat with one of our staff and to feel more confident about your booking. Once a booking is made, you are then allocated an account manager.
Your account manager will be the primary point of contact for you during the process. They are the ones who will organise the locations, the timing and all the different elements required for a successful video production. They can help organise staff to ensure people featuring in the videos are available and are the person you contact if you need to change or postpone a service.
At the booking stage, you will also be advised about legal matters such as cancellation rights and charges. We have a transparent charging system that allows you confidence in your booking as to what it will cost. And if you need to spread the cost of the project, we can conduct the relevant credit checks to offer this facility.

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