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Testimonial Video Production

“Testimonial Video Production ”


Even in the digital age, word of mouth is still very important for businesses.  You want your customers to talk positively about you and what you do and this is where testimonial video production can come in.  This is a modern way to make the most of a traditional way of recommending a company – by recording it on video.

Here at Videod, we have created testimonial videos for companies from many different industries around the world.  We have the experience and equipment to make a high-quality production that will fulfil your aims and help to promote your company.  Professionally created testimonial videos can bring your company to life, showcasing the best of what you do while making use of the fact that people buy from people – even if those people don’t work for your company.

Everything has a natural scepticism these days and when you say your company does this or offers this, they view it a little questionably.  But when a neutral person who doesn’t work for your company says that you do this or you offer this and they were happy with it, then this clears the scepticism.  This is why testimonial videos are such a powerful tool – they enhance brand reputation by showing your real, happy customers.

Video is also hugely popular on social media and can be a great driver of traffic to your website.  Therefore, not only does the video content help showcase your products or services but helps bring people to your website or social media channels.  These people watch the video, are interested by the positive content and move along to the next step of your sales funnel, becoming a lead or even a customer themselves.

 So why not get in touch today and chat with us about creating testimonial videos for your company and harness the power of video?


What Our Clients Say

How we produce your Testimonial Video

Testimonial video production is a very powerful way to support your company and to help build a positive brand reputation. Done in the right way, it can attract people to your business and give them the confidence to make that purchase or order. It helps to build trust in the company and even to increase customer loyalty.
Perhaps you are launching a new product or service and have reviews from a few beta testers. These reviews are invaluable in persuading people to try something new without fear of being misled or wasting their money. Video content is also very easy to believe – after all, there is a real person on your TV screen, talking about the product or service.
Natural scepticism can be banished with the use of well-made video content. By interviewing people who have worked with your company and are happy to talk about their experiences, you can showcase what you do to new customers. It doesn’t have to be around a new product or service either – in fact, the more customers you have, the more content we can create.
Testimonial video can be a short piece of footage that highlights the positive customer experience or even a series of connected pieces that build a fuller picture of what the company does. It can include additional footage such as shots of the products in action or interviews with company personnel about how a service works.
Once the content is created, then it can be marketed across the internet and if you need assistance with this, Videod can help. We have our own in-house marketing team who can assist you in making the most of the content we create. This might mean social media, an ad campaign, utilising YouTube or creating a dedicated section on your website. We can offer ideas to make sure your testimonials as seen by the biggest possible audience.

Planning your testimonial video production is about assessing what content you require and who will be featuring in it. We always aim to create content that is well produced but that also feel authentic and not too staged and produced. This often means allowing people to talk rather than be scripted as well as using different locations to get the right feel to the video. At the planning stage, we will assess all of these factors so we can outline what will happen and where it will happen.
In most cases, testimonial videos will involve us collecting footage of your customers. This means we will need to work with them to arrange a date and time that is suitable for us to collect the footage. We may use a pre-shoot meeting to establish all of this and to get the person or people ready for the experience – not everyone is comfortable on camera!
Part of the plan is establishing exactly what you want to include in the content. Is it simply a relaxed chat between the customer and one of your staff? Do you need us to provide a presenter to guide the process and be in the video too? Perhaps you want footage of the product (if there is one) to be used alongside the interview and to illustrate the points being discussed?
We ca also look at where you will be showing the video as this can affect things like the length of content produced. For example, social media videos tend to be short while content on your website or YouTube can be whatever length you like.
Once we have a plan for the content and establish what you want to achieve with it, we can then make the final filming arrangements. You may also want to consider using our marketing department if you need assistance in marketing the video content afterwards.

Filming the testimonial video production can involve a number of people and places and this is where the experience of Videod comes into action. We have filmed content around the world for businesses of all sizes and in many different industries. This insight means we can easily bring together all the elements required for successful video production and to ensure you get a finished product that fulfils your needs.
We may visit the filming location before the shoot to set up equipment and to establish best location for the shorts – something as simple as a window can impact where we shoot. It also helps us establish if extra lighting or other equipment is required to make the most of the space. You may want to shoot the footage at your business location or it may be at a venue such as a hotel or even somewhere outdoors. This is all established in the plan but we may double check things just before. Adding something as simple as a pair of relaxed chairs can help make the interviewee more relaxed and therefore make shooting easier.
As the day of filming comes around, we will work with the people to feature in the content to make them as relaxed as possible. Not everyone is comfortable on camera but our expert crew can help them overcome this natural nervousness and ensure they come across well on the footage. We can take a few shots if needed to get all those points across!
If you want product shots or other additional footage for the content, then we may collect this before the day of filming, depending on what is required. That way when the raw footage goes to the production department, they have everything they need to create the perfect finished video content that you require.

After filming is complete, then the next stage of the testimonial video production is where we take all that raw footage and build it into the finished article that you are looking for. We call this the production stage.
Our technical experts use a variety of equipment to work with the footage that our crews have produced in order to fine tune it and mix it together to follow the plan. We use the latest software to make the footage flow together and create testimonials that are interesting, easy to watch and fulfil the overall aim.
The production phase is when we introduce other footage that we have collected to bring it all together. This might be interviews with staff or management in the business, footage from the business premises itself or even product shots if there are products involved. Showing what a product does alongside a testimonial of how it worked for that person is a very powerful selling tool and builds customer trust.

Our graphic designers are also part of the production department and can help to ensure branding elements are included in the footage wherever required. They also look at elements such as on-screen text, titling of the people involved and any other graphic elements that will enhance the video without detracting from the important part – the actual people.
We usually have a short turnaround time for a basic edit that allows you to get a feel for what we are creating. We use a private channel for you to view the content and once you are happy with it, you can also download it from the same place. This means you can then easily embed it on your website, make hard copies or upload it to social media. This is also the point that you may want to work with our marketing team to further enhance the content.

Marketing your testimonial video production is a crucial step in maximising the impact that it will have. After all, the best testimonial won’t do your company any good if no-one sees it. So our in-house marketing team can assist you with this side of the process, offering ideas and fine-tuning strategies to ensure you get the best return on investment for the production.
One of the best uses for short length video content is on social media – but which networks should you focus on? Our team can help you assess your audience and see which sites they are most likely to view content on. Facebook is usually a good option while LinkedIn does support video content. A YouTube channel is a great idea if the business plans to regularly offer video content of varying types and there is always Twitter if the content is short enough.
Simply showing the content is only half of the process – you need to re-share it and embed it on your website, even encourage customers to share it themselves. These are all ideas that our team can work through with you alongside the search engine optimisation (SEO) of all the content being created.
You may also want to use the content in real world locations. For example, if it is featuring a product and you are attending a trade show, then you may want to use the footage as part of your display, showing positive customer responses to new, potential customers. You may even want to have the footage available as part of a package to show to potential investors in the company who want to hear about the good things your customers have to say.
Marketing is a crucial element to making the most of your testimonial video production and we are here to help you, whether you have a team of your own or not.

Booking a testimonial video production is a very simple process with Videod. We offer a number of easy ways to get in touch and have a chat about what you require including through Skype, phone and email. That way you can tell us about what you want and we can build a package based on your needs.
We have a very clear pricing structure and you never pay for more than the work that we do. By creating our plan, we can lay out what you need, how long it will take and therefore give you a clear picture of what the costs involved will be.
At the heart of our booking process is that you will work with an account manager for the duration of the project. This means that you have a point of contact for all elements regarding the production and means you don’t need to be searching around for the right person to answer questions or amend arrangements.
Your account manager will be the person who will go through all the legal issues with you as you make the booking such as cancellation charges and other matters. That way you make a booking from a point of being completely informed and confident in what you are paying for – our customer satisfaction is a priority for us.
The booking process will involve arranging times and dates for the shoots and any additional footage that we need to collect. This might mean we need to work with the customers to ensure timing works for them as well as working with any venue you are using or even making certain that the timing it right to use your business for the shoot. Once everything is in place, then we can finalise the booking and move on to creating your perfect testimonial video.

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