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Sports, Health and Fitness Video Production

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Here at Videod we offer a comprehensive service for shooting sports and health and fitness videos from amateur through to professional levels and even for kids sporting events.  As professional video content producers, we can style the video shoot to your business, club or offer guidance on what kind of video content would best suit your needs.

Shooting sports events is something that takes a combination of skill and experience as well as the use of the best equipment.  We have covered everything from boating to boxing and have even collected footage at racing events at Silverstone.  Want something a little unusual – we once covered camel races in Dubai!  So whatever type of sports you are involved with, we can help create video content to suit.

Another aspect of sports event shooting is to help promote the sport and also for performance purposes.  Video content is a key part of training and reviewing past performances helps sports people focus on their good and bad points.  It is also a great way to showcase the event, the sport or the club.  Being able to share video content on a club website or on social media helps increase the profile and can attract new spectators and even new talent to the sport.  It also helps raise the profile of less ‘famous’ sports and help them generate new interest.

Health and fitness videos are a great way to highlight a sport, an activity or even a gym or club.  Maybe you are taking part in a competition or simply want to showcase what your gym has to offer by creating content of real people using it.  Whatever the purpose, we can help plan content that will work well and ensure you can fulfil your goals with it.

Whatever your sports or health and fitness event, we can help create the right video content to suit your goals and your budget.


What Our Clients Say

How we produce your Sports, Health and Fitness Video

Planning and filming sports and health and fitness videos are about assessing the goals for the content as well as studying the technical side of the filming. Our experience at Videod means that we are adept at studying a game, an event or even a location to see how we can film the content we need and what equipment is required for the task.
We have covered a range of well-known sports as well as some very niche ones – how does camel racing in Dubai sound? We have worked with high-speed sports such as motor racing at Silverstone as well as action events such as boxing and cycling. We are also well equipped to cover amateur and even children’s sporting events such as a school sports day or an amateur football tournament.
But why would you want video content for your sports event? For starters, even amateur like to review their performance and there’s no better way to do that than with video. Creating highlights content like you see from the Premier League on TV is also a great way to capture interest in the sport or the club and can be used on websites and on social media.
In addition to sports events, we also cover health and fitness events. This can be anything from a workout session at your gym to the highlights of a marathon as well as various other events, promotions, competitions and training situations. We can help raise the profile of your gym, club or event and create content that can promote it online.
Whatever the sport or event you are involved with, Videod can offer our expertise to create the right video content for it. If you know what you want, we can create a plan and if you are unsure, we can offer advice and guidance first.

Planning sports and health and fitness videos can involve a lot of different elements and that’s why you always want an experienced company involved. Here at Videod our experience is varied – remember that Dubai camel racing we mentioned? This means that we have both the experience and equipment to help create the best video content possible for any event, competition or even just at a location such as a gym.
The planning phase of the process is where we lay out what you want. This means assessing what the content will feature and what you want to do with it afterwards. For example, maybe your football team is involved in a big competition and you want video content from the match. But you also want a highlights style section to use on the club’s website to advertise its achievements, bring in new interest and maybe even to send to possible sponsors to raise money.
Similarly, maybe you have a fitness club with a special program that is really helping people with their specific fitness aim. We can help capture footage that highlights the work that the people put in and even incorporate some interviews with the people themselves. This can help promote the program and can be used on social media as well as the club’s website.
Maybe the event is a children’s sports day and you want to offer video content for parents to purchase. We can look at covering the different events to create different videos and even a highlights piece.
Whatever the possible aims of your video content, we can help create content that matches it. And if you are a little unsure as to what you need to do with your content or how to shape it, then we have an in-house marketing team who can work with you. This means you can get the best from your content and maximise your return on investment.

One of the big advantages to using Videod for your sports and health and fitness videos is that we have the experience and the expertise with top quality equipment to create the best possible video content. Our aim is to ensure you have what you need from the footage that we collect and this means using the latest in filming equipment.
Our filming phase begins before the actual event, competition or time of filming as we usually need to check the location first. Placing the equipment is essential to catching the action, especially when using fast frame rate cameras. If the filming is taking place indoors, we might also need lighting and sounds equipment to catch everything we need for the end content.
We use the latest 4K video cameras to ensure that all the content is both high quality and versatile to use for whatever you require. If extra lighting is needed, we use the latest in LED lighting systems that offer clean, white light without generating too much heat – ideal for those gym shots or indoor activities.
We can bring along any number of crews to ensure we cover as much of the event as you require. So, if the event is a school sports day and there are two areas where events are taking place, we can set up a crew in each to catch all the footage. You can book us for as long as you need so if the event takes place over several days, we can be with you all the way to capture every important moment.
Once we have collected the raw footage, the process then moves to the production phase where our team of editors and producers go to work on creating that finished video content that you require for your goals.

The production phase of creating sports and health and fitness videos is where we work with the raw footage collected at the event, competition or other location and edit it into the finished format that is required as part of the plan.
Editing and production are about more than just cutting content into the desired length. It is about ensuring that the content is of the highest quality and that it contains all the important parts of the event or occasion. We use the latest in colour grading and other editing techniques that make content usable in a variety of different ways from copying onto DVD to adding to websites and social media.
As part of the production process, we aim to create a quick cut for you to view at the earliest opportunity. This is available through our dedicated, private channel and allows you to see how the edit is progressing and glimpse the finished product. We then move on to the finishing touches which might include working with our graphic designers to add text and overlays to the footage such as text or even branding elements.
Once the process is finished, you can then view it through the channel to ensure you are satisfied with the finished product. If you need to show it to other people involved in the process, then you can do this and once it is signed off, we can release the footage to you. You can then download it to DVD copies or embed it on a website.
While this may be the end of the process for some, others like to make use of our in-house marketing team to explore the options available with the video content we have produced. Here we can use the footage in a variety of ways to publicise your business, club, company or other institution.

Marketing sports and health and fitness videos mean you can do more with the footage that Videod create for you than simply showing it to people involved or maybe a few dedicated fans. Marketing is about spreading word of your business, club or event and video is a top way to do this, especially through social media where video can be hugely successful when compared to other types of content such as graphics, photos or simple text updates.
Our in-house marketing team can sit down with you to review your goals for the video content and explore other options. Perhaps the footage features a tournament that your club was involved with and did well – then maybe the footage could be used to get new sponsorship for the team? Maybe you can get more people coming to other games by letting them know that they have a successful team in their area, using local SEO techniques to capture local traffic.
Using social media to advertise your gym, health club or fitness centre is a perfect way to increase signups and generate interest. You may find that people didn’t know your business was there but by highlighting its location social media, sites like Facebook will help you connect with people in your geographic areas.
Awareness campaigns for sports, schools, clubs and businesses are a great use of video content and can help in a variety of ways. Video content on a website can increase its SEO presence, bringing more traffic and potential customers, sponsors or just new fans.
Whatever the aim of the video content, our marketing team can offer insight and assistance with maximising this and getting the video seen by more people than before. This makes the content even more useful and potentially can increase return on investment for businesses and sports teams.

We aim to make booking sports and health and fitness videos as simple as possible and offer a number of options to get in touch and discuss your needs. We have phone and email as well as a dedicated Skype number where we can chat about the event or competition you are involved with, the business you want to promote or any other type of sports or health and fitness event.
When you realise that you want to book video content for your event, get in as soon as possible and we may even be able to give a discount. We have several ready-made packages available on the website and are always ready to chat with you about specific requirements. Maybe you need a larger number of crews or want to cover multiple locations at once? We can design a package that suits your needs and ensures you only ever pay for the services that you use.
When you make a booking, we allocate an account manager to work with you through the process. This person will be your point of referral for all matters including making the arrangements for our crews to access the location ahead of the event to set up equipment or to organise anyone we need to capture in interviews for the footage.
Your account manager is also the person who will let you know about the legal matters that are involved with making a booking including cancellation charges. We want you to feel confident about making your booking and that you have all the information before you pay anything but if there is anything else you need to know, just ask your account manager.
Likewise, if there are any changes or additions needed during the process, you can speak to your account manager to sort them quickly and easily.

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