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School Performance Video production

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School performance filming is the perfect way to capture all the hard work and effort that goes into a school production of any kind.  This might be a school play, a Christmas event, a musical or any other production involving children of all ages.  While there’s no substitute for being there on the evening, having a high quality DVD to treasure the event is something that many parents now want and that’s why Videod offer school performance filming for our customers.

There are also other benefits to the filming of a school event.  Selling copies of the DVD can be an excellent way for the school to help raise some much needed funds.  The money may be dedicated to a charity involved with the event or may be used to help develop school facilities – benefitting the children and future generations for years to come.

From a teacher’s viewpoint, the creation of video content from the event has a number of uses.  For older students who are more serious about the undertaking, it is an excellent way to review performance, highlight what worked and what didn’t and allow the children to see the event from a spectator’s viewpoint.  And even for younger kids, it can help boost their confidence and allow them to see how brilliant they were on stage.

We can film and edit the production for you and supply as many DVDs, Blu Rays or upload the footage for you alternatively we can provide a private link for you to email out which alllows anyone wanting to purchase a copy of the footage access to a preview and order options like this example which keeps everything simple.

All of our crews are DBS checked so parents can be completely confident about the people working around their children.  We have worked in schools, colleges and dance classes around the country as well as with theatre groups and other artistic performance clubs.  Our experience means we can create a top quality production from the event that will be to the standard of those you see on TV and will take the kids feel like the superstars they already are!


What Our Clients Say

How we produce your School Performance Video

Booking a school production filming with Videod is about having the very highest quality video content created from the event. We have worked with schools and children of all ages as well as with colleges, dance schools and ballet class groups, theatre clubs and many more artistic schools to help create content from the production, Christmas event or show that they are putting on.
When you work with Videod, you are working with professionals. We have experience with companies from around the world and we bring all the techniques, tips and expertise we have learned from working with international companies and big events to your school production. This means that the end result is to the same standard as you see on TV documentaries and footage is well lit, with excellent sound and editing perfectly.
You can also be supremely confident about the people we bring to your event to do the filming. All of our crews are DBS checked and have experience with working with children of different ages. This means that we can produce a variety of styles of video content from the event depending on what you want to do with it.
For example, one of the top reasons to film a school production is to offer the DVDs for parents and family members. Whether they could attend or not, there’s no better memento of the event than a recording of it. It can be treasured for years to come and makes an excellent gift for family members who live too far away to be there in person.
The content we create is also ideal as a teaching aid. Telling students what worked and what didn’t is one thing but showing them is much easier, especially with performing arts. And the content we create is perfect for this purpose.

Planning a school production filming is about getting to know the people involved and the location for the event so that we can ensure everyone is in the right place, at the right time. That’s why at Videod, we have a strict planning phase of the project where we sit down with you and any others involved in organising the event to see where we need to be. This is also the time to focus on what the aims from the content are and if this affects how we shoot and produce it.
For example, if the content is about training the children in what worked and what didn’t, then one style of video is best for this. However, if you want to sell copies of the content to student’s parents or family, then a slightly different approach might work. If you want to do both, no problem, we can accommodate this easily. By establishing your requirements from the content at the outset, we can ensure we have all the crew and equipment we need in the right place.
Planning often involves ensuring that parents have given clearance for the filming so this is something to confirm before making a booking. All our crews are DBS checked so there are no concerns involved for parents but we still like to be certain that they are on board with us recording their kids. So this is part of the planning process for school production filming, regardless of the location or type of event.
Once the plan is in place, we can then prepare for the actual filming. We understand that you might have a lot to do yourself during this phase if you are the producer of the event so by establishing what we need beforehand, we can allow you to concentrate on your role during the big day.

The filming side of a school production filming project can be the trickiest and you want experienced, knowledgeable crews to do the filming. Kids often go one of two ways when they realise they are going to be on camera – love it or hate it. It can cause them to freeze up and forget their lines or act a little silly because it is a novelty. Whatever the case, we try to film as unobtrusively as possible so the children aren’t put off from their roles by our cameras.
We often visit the venue in the lead up to the event to ensure no extra equipment is required. Often schools and colleges will have good sound and lighting equipment in place to ensure top quality productions but if anything else is needed from a video perspective, then we can discuss this and arrange for it to be in place. We have top quality sound and lighting equipment available if needed.
We are also available if any parents have any questions for us or our crew. We understand there is a natural caution with anyone around your children and parents can be assured that our crews are DBS checked and experienced in working with kids. But feel free to pass on any queries from parents or other teachers as we want everyone to be happy with the process.
On the day, we will film to the plan to ensure we get the content required. We try to keep out of the way as much as possible to avoid distracting the kids. And once we have collected the raw footage we need, then the production side of the process can take over, where the content is transformed from the basic footage that we collect at the event to the finished piece that you require.

The production side of the school production filming is where our team work with the various software that we have in order to transform the raw footage into the finished article you have requested. This might be a teaching aid to help kids better their performance or simply a fun video to watch and enjoy what they have achieved. Or it might be a video content to sell to parents to raise money for the school or a chosen charity.
With the plan in mind, our team set about working on the production. We have graphic designers who can help with text overlays and other graphic elements, even watermarking the footage with the school or club logo to ensure it is correctly attributed. We often have a basic edit in place within a day or so to allow you to view it and make sure you are satisfied with the production.
Because we use the latest in editing software, all the video content we produce is to the highest quality. The use of 4K filming and LED lighting means that the quality of the end product is on par with what you see on TV. This helps the children view the event and see everything they did and also makes for a great big screen event for parents to show their pride in their children’s achievements to the rest of the family and their friends with their copy of the DVD.
Once you have seen the basic edit and are happy with the direction it is going in, we can move to the final finish and ensure that the video is in the format you require. We can let you see the content through our private channel and also assist with mass producing the DVD copies for your school or club to sell as required.

Booking a school production filming project with Videod is simple and easy. We have a number of packages available on the website that allows you to quickly select what you need and make a booking. Or if you need something beyond those packages, we are happy to sit down with you and review the options to see what we can do for you.
When you make a booking, you will work with an account manager. This is the person you will chat to about all aspects of the booking, from the initial set up through the payment and any queries throughout the process. Our account managers aim to make the whole booking quick and easy, aware that you have a lot to do with the production itself.
We normally ask that all parents have given their clearance for the event to be filmed. Some schools or clubs do this in writing and others verbally but we do need you to make sure that everyone has been notified when their child is involved. You can reassure the parents that all the crews are DBS checked so there is no concern of this nature and we are experienced working with children for this type of production to get the best out of them.
Your account manager is also the person to chat to if you need a personalised package. Maybe the production is taking place over a number of nights and you need them all filming. Maybe there is more than one location involved. Whatever the specifics, we can add them into the plan to ensure all are included. Your account manager will also let you know about any legal terms such as cancellation charges that will apply to the booking to ensure you have all the information needed before making your final booking.

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