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Facebook Video Content

“Facebook Video Content ”


When people talk about social media trends, one of the biggest that is always discussed is the use of video content.  That’s why more and more companies are hiring Videod for Facebook video content production – to get on board with the trend and make the most of the platform.

Statistics show that more people than ever are watching video online.  92% of B2B prospects view video content every day and there are some four billion YouTube videos viewed per 24-hour period.  Importantly, some 33% of shoppers will view a video and make a purchase based on what they have seen.  Video is becoming a highly popular option for online advertising as well as to bring traffic to websites and social media profiles.

Facebook remains the biggest social media network and that means that every video shown on the site has a potential audience of billions.  Facebook also favour video content and want to push YouTube off the top spot for those video views.  That means if your business shares video content, you are more likely to be favoured by the Facebook algorithms than if you just show graphics and text.

However, as the demand for video increases so does the consumer’s taste for quality.  No longer does a fun shot from the office recorded on someone’s iPhone do the job.  And while user-generated content is a great form of customer testimonials, it only goes so far.  In order to make the most of Facebook, you need professionally created video content that has clear marketing goals and a plan for its creation.

Here at Videod, this is what we offer.  We want to help your business have the video content it requires to fulfil any of a series of marketing aims that video is perfectly suited to.  And if you are unsure what these goals are, you can also use our in-house marketing team to help you create them.


What Our Clients Say

How we produce your Facebook Video

The huge trend that is Facebook video content means that there are more and more videos for every single potential customer to view at any moment. When they search for the product or service that your company offers, they may be faced with dozens of potential videos to allow them to find out more. So how do you ensure that yours is the one they continue to watch and follow through with?

The answer is top quality video production and that means working with experts such as ourselves. Videod has created content for companies of all types from around the world varying from product and testimonial shots to conferences and events. We are also social media specialists, able to create the right kind of content for the different networks to ensure that yours is the video that stands out amid the Facebook crowd.

Getting the right content is also about the subtle elements such as the length of the piece. Typically, short video does well on Facebook and other social media sites while you can go a bit longer on sites such as YouTube. We can even help make content that is variable in length if you want to use the short version on Facebook and a longer version on your website, for example.

Using video content also has a positive effect on SEO for both your website and social media profiles. Google and other search engines love video and will send more traffic your way when you include it -so long as people watch the content. And that’s where we come back to the quality of the production.

The kind of content we create can also be ideal for social media advertising with the Facebook Ads platform being a perfect way to reach new leads and customers. Again, the website favours ads with this kind of content so you can get a better return on investment.

Planning your Facebook video content is all about studying your goals for the piece and what you want to achieve with it. At Videod, our process always begins by formulating a plan with you so that we can be certain of what we are making and the goals behind the creation.

There are any number of goals you can set for Facebook video content. Perhaps you want to build up your profile on the website in order to move more viewers along your sales funnels. Maybe you want to attract more traffic to your website from the network. Or maybe you are a start-up who wants to gain customer insights from the site and therefore simply wants to start connecting with people to build those customer avatars from the data you acquire.

These are just a few of the goals that some of our customers have discussed in the past when planning Facebook video content. Sometimes, our customers know they want content because it is popular and a great way to reach new people but are a little uncertain exactly what the content should be. We can help you plan the most effective type of content for your business.

We can work with product and service based businesses, finding new ways to highlight what you do or sell in order to create effective video content. Working alongside our marketing team, we can help you formulate a plan that not only involves knowing what the content will feature but what you are going to do with it afterwards.

We can even assist with content that is promoting a recruitment drive, seeking to bring investors to the business or even advertise the company when up for sale. No matter what the situation, we can plan the right content for your aims and goals.

The filming side of the production of Facebook video content is where we collect the footage required to create the end product you desire. As we plan this stage, we will look at what and where we will be filming and when the time comes around, we may visit the location beforehand in order to establish where equipment will be located.

We have a range of top quality video equipment including lighting and sound that means if we need extra equipment in place for the filming, we can easily bring it with us. This might mean accessing the location before the filming and we can arrange this while planning. You might want the filming to take place on the business premises or at a venue such as a hotel or community centre. The filming may even be taking place outside if that is a better setting for the content. Whatever the case we can organise beforehand to ensure everything is ready for the day.

The filming process is the collection of the footage we need for the video content and this might include interviews with staff, management or even customers if you want to use testimonials in the footage. We will arrange this beforehand so that we can access everyone we need at the right time. It might mean that we need to shoot at certain time of the day to ensure we can access the areas required. This all cuts costs for your business by ensuring that filming time is as small as possible and therefore costs are kept down.

Once we have the footage that we need for the production, the editing and production team will then take over. These are the people who will take the raw footage that the crew have collected and turn it into the finished piece that you require.

During the production phase of our process, the raw footage will be transformed into the finished Facebook video content that you require. Editing and producing quality content involves specialists and particular equipment and here at Videod, we have some of the best of both.

Our process is to try to have a first draft of the video available as quickly as possible, often the next day in many cases. This means you can view the content and quickly see if there is anything else to amend or adjust to have it fulfil your goals. We do this through a private channel so you can view it on a bigger screen if there are a few people who need to see it.

After this, the final production phase will finalise the content. We can also use our graphic designers if their services are required. This can be anything from watermarking the video to adding text overlays and other touches to ensure the video is completely professional, informative and easy to view.

Part of production is being certain that the content is viewable from multiple devices. The number of people viewing content from smartphones continues to increase each year and this means ensuring everything we produce is ‘mobile friendly’ and can easily be watched on the smallest screens. The length of the content is another factor in this as videos around 30 seconds in length are watched through to the end by nearly 90% of smartphone users.

Once the piece is finalised, you can once more view it through the private channel. If you are happy with it and no further work is required, you can then download it from the channel and upload it to Facebook. If you wish to work with our marketing team to maximise the impact of the content, this is also when you can do that.

Marketing Facebook video content is the crucial final step in the process that ensures the content reaches the right people and achieves the business’ goals. Whether you have your own marketing team or not, you can work with the experts in Videod to make the most of the content. Our specialists work exclusively with video content and therefore have an intimate knowledge of the best ways to make the most of it, both on Facebook and in other areas of the internet.

Obviously, most content will be uploaded to a Facebook Page for customers or potential customers to see. Using the right captions with the video is part of ensuring it is seen by the right people and also making certain it is launched at the right time.

Perhaps you want to use the video content as part of a Facebook ad to reach new people or to market it to a custom audience of your existing customers for a new product launch. We can help you set up the ad, ensure it has the right copy alongside the video and helps you define the audience that will view it. We can even help set up A/B testing if you have a few ideas and are unsure which approach will work best.

While the content is made for Facebook, there’s nothing to stop you using it on other sites too. Twitter, LinkedIn and even Pinterest will support video in different ways while Google’s G+ platform is always worth adding the content to for extra exposure. And finally, whether the business has a YouTube channel or not, the content can be added to the video website.

We can also assist with embedding the video on your website to ensure it attracts traffic and can be seen by people visiting your website. This ensures the best possible exposure for your content.

We always aim to make booking Facebook video content as simple as possible and there are a number of options available through the website that allows you to make a simple booking. Or if you require something additional or a little different to what is shown on screen, that’s no problem. Simply use one of the content options on the website in order to get in touch and further discuss your needs. We even have a Skype number if this is an easier contact method.

Once you start the process of making a booking, we will assign you an account manager. They are the ones that you go to for all queries, to finalise the booking and to make any changes or additions once the booking has been made. This is the person who will make all the arrangements for the filming process such as ensuring the venue is available or the space in your premises is okay to use. They will also liaise with anyone featuring in the content to have them in the right place.

Your account manager is the person who will make sure you have all the information about your booking. We have a clear pricing policy and let you know as much as possible about the costs of your video content up front. Your manager will also talk you through any legal terms that apply such as cancellation rights and charges.

We want to help your business grow with video content and if you require using payment terms, we can certainly look into that and see if we can help. If you need a series of video content or can book at an early stage, we may also even have discounts that we can apply to the package to keep your costs down as much as possible.

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