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Corporate Video Production

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Video has progressed from something that a business may require periodically to a cornerstone of their content.  On social media, for example, video can increase engagement by over 130% and is a great way to reach new customers.  But having corporate video production is about more than just giving someone from the office a video camera and hope they catch some useful footage.

At Videod, we have worked with clients from all industries around the country to create the kind of video content they require.  Our past clients include Times Top 100 companies right through to start-ups and we are happy to work with businesses of any size.  We create high-quality corporate video in the shortest time scale and use the latest in technology to ensure what we create is both state of the art and easy to use.

We don’t believe in a one size fits all system and offer a personalised, tailored service that ensures you get what you need and don’t pay for extras you don’t require.  By outlining the aims of the video and what you seek to achieve with the content, we can help tailor the package to suit your needs and therefore your budget.

Our process begins with the conception, discussing the idea behind the video or the aim of it.  This means assessing the audience you are creating the vide for and the core messages it is to communicate.  From there, we can develop the story for the video with you before undertaking the actual shooting.

We can even assist with supporting matters such as search engine optimisation (SEO) throughout in-house marketing agency.  This means you can have video content created with clear aims and therefore have greater success with that video.  By using best practices for websites and social media as a guideline in everything we do, we can be certain that your video content will be well received.


What Our Clients Say

How we produce your Corporate Video

The start of our corporate video production process begins with the conversation about where you wish to show your video. Is it an internal video that will be shown for training, to investors or others within the company? Or is it external content that will be consumed via your website, social media sites such as Facebook or YouTube or even as part of a TV advertising campaign? Once we have established this, then we can begin to plan the rest of our approach.
Often companies come to us a little unsure about what video content they need. That’s not a problem because we have worked with companies of all sizes and industries from new start-ups right through to Times Top 100 companies. Our customers come back to us because we have the technology but we also have the experience to help them create brilliant, successful corporate video content.
As we discuss your needs, we can assess the kind of package that you require and at this stage, we can offer a quote. Our pricing is clear and transparent and we offer a full service that ranges from conception to completion. We want our customers to understand what they are paying for and be confident in the value for money that we are offering. Our services also include camera and accessory hire, so if you have the expertise to create the content but lack the equipment, we can help you with this. We even have video drones available to hire for those amazing aerial shots..
There are two main ways to discuss our services – we can arrange a meeting in person or we can discuss it online. If you are unsure about what you want, we can offer guidance and ideas or if you know what you need, we can move straight into the planning stage to make that idea into a reality.

The planning stage for creating a corporate video production is key to success because this is where the elements are brought together that will ensure a great end product. We want to help you have memorable and engaging video content that will fulfil your aims and help to boost the value of your brand.
We start by sitting down with you to discuss the aims of the video. Perhaps it is a video to show potential investors to showcase what the company does. Or maybe it is a video for use in training courses for new starters. Sometimes our clients need video content to show at trade shows or fairs that highlight the benefits of working with the company.
Other times, the aim of the content is to go on the internet. This might be as content viewable through the website of the business or on social media profiles. Perhaps the company wants to have a YouTube channel and needs cornerstone content for it. Video is very popular on social media currently but needs to be of a certain length and very high quality to ensure it is noticeable among the millions of other videos available.
Once the aim and key message of the video have been established, we can investigate the script for it and look at the filming style to ensure that it matches with your brand. This may be to ensure it is in keeping with any existing corporate video content you have or to establish a standard that you will use for future content.
Creating video is just one part of the process of using it as successful content. Our in-house marketing team can help you establish a strategy to promote the content and allow it to fulfil its potential – whether this is getting these new investors, building a social media following or simply enhancing brand awareness in a visual manner.

When we move to the filming stage for a corporate video production, our experience and expertise can really show. Our team work with the very latest in equipment to ensure that all of the video content we create is to the highest standards. This means that we shoot in 4K with cutting edge LED lighting that means your videos will look bright, eye-catching and clean, with none of the shadowy, false looks that poor quality lighting can product. We also use the latest in professional audio equipment to allow every nuance of words spoken and other sounds to be easily heard.
We can work at a variety of locations to get the right footage for your requirements. In some cases, this might mean filming in your business premises to get that corporate inside view style content. Or you may want to film in an outdoors location or somewhere else that suits the style of the video. We can arrange the location to ensure the video remains well-lit and clear and that background sounds don’t cause too much of a problem.
We want our customers to be complete satisfied with the content that we produce and this means that we only charge for the hours that we spend filming. Our aim is to offer clear and transparent pricing so businesses can exactly budget for the project and not find themselves dealing with unexpected bills at the end of the process.
Once the filming is complete, the process then moves to the production stage. This involves us ensuring that the video is easily shareable across the internet on social media sites, YouTube and also to be embedded on your company’s website. We make sure that the content is optimised so that whatever device viewers see it on, it looks perfect and sounds just right so there is no loss of quality.

Once the corporate video production is created, then our experts can begin the production phase of the process. Our aim is to create a rough cut of the video that will be available for you to view the very next day before we continue to enhance and edit the video. That way you can view the video in its first format and allows you to instantly see if there is anything else you need to include before it moves through the production process.
After you have okayed the rough cut of the video and are happy with the content, we can start the production process in earnest. This involves working with the assorted programs and equipment that we have to turn the rough cut into that perfect, shareable piece that you desire. We use a team of graphic designers and processes such as colour grading to ensure that the end product is a polished and super high quality piece that will be what you desired and more.
Delivery of the content is the next step and this is where you will access our private channel to view the footage. Here you can give us any feedback if there is anything else that needs to be done to the video but most of our clients find that this stage is simply about enjoying the production. You can download the content straight from the channel or even embed it from our servers.
If you need us to, we can assist with placing the video content where you want it to go. This might mean uploading it to sites such as Facebook or Twitter, adding it to a YouTube channel or embedding it on your website. We can ensure the content is working correctly and that your viewers will be able to enjoy it on any device they use to access it.

Creating a great corporate video production is one thing but if you don’t market it correctly, then it may not be seen by the right people – or by anyone. Video is hugely popular on top social media sites like Facebook and this makes it a great way to reach potential customers but you also need to market it correctly to cut through the crowds of other business video content out there.
If you don’t have marketers on your team or they don’t work with online marketing, you can use our in-house experts to help get the most from your content. As part of the planning process, we will discuss what the aims of the video are and what you want to do with it. We can then take this information to help formulate a strategy to market the content and to use it to fulfil the goals of the business.
Let’s say that you want to bring more traffic to your website with the video content – video has a huge impact on SEO (search engine optimisation) and is popular with Google and other search engines. We can help ensure that the content functions correctly on the website but also that it is tagged correctly so that it appears on those search engines and they can send people to it.
Likewise, with social media, we can help you decide when and where to post the video and what you want people to do once they have viewed it – share it, follow a call to action such as clicking to your website or any other aim. This can help how and when you post the content and even on which sites depending on your customer demographic.
Whatever the aims of the video, we can help you formulate a strategy that means you get the most from it, wherever it is.

We aim to make booking a corporate video production as simple as possible and you can buy some services straight from the website. If you require a specialist package, then you can get in touch and we can discuss your needs in more detail. You can even secure a discount by booking further ahead so if you know you will need content creating, then book as early as possible and save your business some money.
You can ring us on our contact telephone number 0207 1126709 or you can send an enquiry to our general email to make enquiries and start the booking process. We also have our own Skype line where you can chat face to face with one of the team and we can do into more detail about what you need and when you need it.
When you make a booking, you will be allocated an account manager. They will be your contact for the entire project and will be there to chat if you have any problems. Their job is to liaise between you and our teams to ensure the process of shooting and creating the video goes off as smoothly as possible. Should you need to make changes, add services or even postpone the service, they are the people you speak to.
If you are embarking on a large scale project or want to book our services for a period of time, we can also discuss our credit account option. We do need a little information about your business and will need to run a standard credit check so if you are interested in this option, you can find our form on the website to provide us with the information required.
When making a booking we will also advise of any relevant terms regarding changing or cancelling services so that you are aware of all important information upfront.

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