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Video Camera Hire Guides


Our Guide to Video Camera and Camcorder Hire Packages.

We take great pride in not just supplying our clients with equipment and leaving them to their own devices, we will do all we can to help you work out your firewire from your USB and save you from becoming to bogged down with working out the difference between interlaced and progressive, you will find some good advice put together by our team to help you make an informed decision on the best kit to use for any given video camera project that you need to hire or rent video camera or camcorder equipment for and there is also advice on how to best capture all manor of videos from in car shots to wedding videos and advice on logging, editing, and even choosing the best accessories to give you the best chance of success, If you cant find what your looking for then give us a call and we will do all we can to help.


Choosing which equipment to hire

This is the starting point on your video production adventure and will impact everything from the point you decide on the equipment you will be using to capture or film your footage so a little research at this stage could save you a world of pain later down the road.

If your a novice then look at the easy to use video camera section below and you wont go wrong if your looking to video a specific type of video then find the guide that comes closest to your project and you will pick up on the many tips and pointers that you can apply to virtually any shoot or video production.

If you already have an idea about the Video Camera or Camcorder you are looking to hire or rent then you can jump straight over to the Canon Video Camera Hire Section or the Sony Video Camera Hire Section but you may also find some of the packages below of interest as they are hand picked and by booking one of the packages will save you some of your hard earned money.





Wedding Video Cameras and Camcorders

Vid4 have a combined 23 years experience of supplying video equipment to the wedding industry equipping both experienced wedding videographers and clients shooting videos for members of their familys or close friends so whatever stage technically you are at from a complete novice to a seasoned videographer you will find the right tools for the job and the best advice backed up by real support.

You can see the following guides relating to Wedding Videos and the equipment to hire below.

Choosing equipment to hire when making a Wedding Video

DIY Wedding Video Guide

Wedding Video Production Guide


Shoulder Mount or Hand Held

There is two main designs of camcorders available to hire or should we say three if you include hybrid new designed camcorders like the Sony EX3 and its semi shoulder mount design, Shoulder mounted cameras are not always the most expensive or feature reach as one would expect and affordable shoulder mounted video cameras come in the shape of the Sony HXR MC2000 which is an entry level pro camera designed for the wedding market where shoulder mounted cameras are widely used.

The benifit of a shoulder mounted camera as opposed to a hand held design is the ability to use your body comfortably as a support or tripod for long periods of time another major benefit of the shoulder mounted design is that the video camera is always at eye level with the subjects you are filming giving better results, the use of a hand held video camera can often result with shots of faces that are slightly angled up giving a not to flattering view of up peoples noses or under their chins, but as with most things nothing is that straight forward hand held cameras have the advantage of being smaller and hence easier to manouver and get interesting angles.

Below you will find links to the Sony MC50 hand held camcorder and the MC2000 shoulder mounted camcorder you will notice the dramatic difference in size and whilst one looks like a domestic camcorder and the other a fully loaded broadcast beast they actually share pretty much every feature but lets be honest if you were paying someone the proce of a two year old hatchback and they turned up with a little hand held camcorder my guess would be you would send them packing so whilst technology has resulted in the ever decreasing size of technology sometimes you just have to admit that size is all important.

Sony HXR MC2000 Shoulder Mount Camcorder Hire

Sony HXR MC50 Hand Held Camcorder



Choosing Which Video Camera Format to Hire 

There are a number of formats available and if you have a certain format in mind then that that will probably dictate the model or the manufacturer that you choose so we wont go into to much detail on formats however the main formats available on our hire fleet are as follows if you don have any special requirements and are looking for something simple then our advice is look at the simple to use camcorder guide below

HDV a tape based format used in older style camcorders including the Sony HVR Z5 and Canon XLH1

XDCAM Sonys latest workflow using SXS cards on Sonys latest camcorders like the Sony PMW EX3 and PMW 100

AVCHD Recording to AVCHD cards used by many manufacturers including the Sony HXR MC2000 and Canon XA10

MXF  Used on the latest Canon XF range recording to CF Cards like the Canon XF300

Choosing Accessories

There are hundreds of accessories available to compliment your video camera or camcorder hire and you can find these in the video accessory section however remember to cover the basics on every shoot and these include a set of head phones to monitor your sound believe us when we say they are a must have. Followed by a tripod and a camera top light even if you will be shooting in the day time you never know how dark things can get indoors so be prepared, the most cost effective way to get all the areas covered is to select a shooters kit that will include all the above key areas taken care of for you and hand picked to be suitable for use with your hired equipment.

Video Camera Hire Tips & Tricks Videos


        Shooting Tips                                                   Setting The White Balance                                   Video Camera Hire Lighting       

                                    Importance Of Headphones                                             Important Battery Advice                                    Logging HDV Footage                                                                                     


The Information provided on this page and all Vid4 pages is provided for help and assistance and you should always seek advice if you are unsure of any areas.

You must not rely upon the information provided by Vid4 and we will not take responsibility if you act upon the advice provided.

Whilst we take great care to provide correct information we do not warrant that the information provided is correct and can not be held responsible for any actions directly or indirectly by following our advice.

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