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Steadicam Pilot Hire

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Steadicam Pilot Hire

Steadicam have teamed with IDX System Technology Inc to bring out a newer version with IDX Batteries, and it’s taken the camera industry by storm. and we have the Steadicam Pilot to hire or rent.

Used extensively at the 2012 Olympics, Steadicam Pilot use is expected to rise dramatically. The Steadicam is the grip stabilizer of choice as it is a lightweight, smooth stabilizer system guaranteed to make camera use easier, especially in most major sporting events and running shots in films. Using the Pilot will take a lot of practice to the untrained user so Steadicam hire is recommended before you buy. It is also considerably cheaper in cost to hire if you are only after the pilot for testing or for the odd video shoot.

The pilot will work with a large variety of cameras ranging from 2 pound to 10 pound. Some models proven to work best are the Canon XF300, Sony PMW100 and Sony Z5E, however the pilot will work with any other camera of choice within its weight recommendations as all the required system components come provided. With a very light camera you may need to add weights to properly load up the arm as it needs at least 2 lbs of camera.

Steadicam optimistically put the pilot in a compact “back pack”, however it is surprisingly bulky for such a lightweight piece of equipment and it’s recommended not to use it in such a mode. Upon opening the case the parts are neatly organized between foam cut outs with a space for each part making them easy to locate and re-package.

The Steadicam Pilot has a two-section Iso-Elastic arm (which can be adjusted while supporting the camera) and an ultra low profile vest that is designed to provide complete comfort while the Steadicam is in use. With the unique design of the Iso-Elastic arm the operator can smoothly and effortlessly raise or lower the arm throughout its 28 inch boom range.

It also has a lightweight sled with CarbonLite expandable post, upgradeable colour 3.5” LCD Monitor and a low mass gimbal. The 3.5 inch LCD monitor is great when going from light to dark areas, however if you feel that you need a larger monitor it is upgradeable to a 5.8” – 16:9 version.

So what makes this Steadicam pilot different from the original one released? As the newer version is equipped with IDX batteries, you no longer need to stock up and use ‘AA’ batteries. The IDX batteries are long lasting, rechargeable batteries which, should the camcorder have a 12 volt input or a converter for a 7.2 volt operation, the IDX battery has sufficient capacity to power both the camera, monitor and accessories. The Steadicam Pilot comes with a special VL dual charger, which will provide charge for 2 batteries simultaneously.

If you want to have a lightweight camcorder grip, which gives you a smooth steady shot, then the Steadicam Pilot is highly recommended.

Unique Steadicam features: • Lightweight Iso-Elastic arm with 28” boom • CarbonLite expandable center post • New low profile designed vest • Positionable monitor, gimbal and battery mounts • Professional tool-free 3 axis gimbal Why not give one a go and Hire or Rent a Steadicam Pilot today to see for yourself?

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