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Sony HXR NX30 Camcorder Hire and Rental

Brand: Sony
Product Code: Sony HXR NX30 Hire and Rental
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Sony HXR NX30 Camcorder Hire and Rental

With some revolutionary features and a sensor size never seen on a camcorder of this size you can now Hire or Rent The Sony HXR NX30 and take advantage of the host of pro features available on this palm sized video camera it performs great in low light environments with a back illuminated CMOS sensor and balanced XLR pro audio inputs amongst the other notable features is a true optical image stabilisation system which really works very well and gives viewers the feel that the footage was shot on a much larger more stable camera other than such a small sized marvel.


So how much more could Sony possible pack into such a small device well you may be surprised to learn that it actually has a built in light just above the lens to illuminate your subject absolutely perfect for indoor evening shots and can even be switched to night shot mode that uses infrared to light your images in total darkness, but the surprises don’t end there after you’ve finished your shoot you can immediately share the footage with your friends or colleagues via the Sony HXR NX30s in built projector which can project a nicely lit picture up to 100 inches in size from 5 meters away.

Size might be everything but in the case of the Sony HXR NX30 you are hiring a Video Camera with a bigger size sensor than cameras twice it size, along with the in built light and more record time than you would probably use on 20 weddings all this weighing in at less than 800g and that’s with the battery attached lighter than a traditional PAG camera mounted light so you really can travel light and not be left short when it comes to the quality of the footage being captured.

Bill Drummond from Sony Europe pitches this product “It’s perfect for videographers, journalists, educational establishments or corporate users, for shooting in many different situations where other stabilization equipment is not practical, such as on-board a vehicle or in a crowd” so they really are aiming this baby at the professional market and we can see why with the quality of the footage this baby produces. On another note it is such a simple camera to operate that anyone who can press the record button and frame a shot will be capable of achieving a great looking result without having to have any prior knowledge of videography.

So to summaries on the Sony HXR NX30 if you need a simple to use camcorder with a great set of features that is small and subtle and gives outstanding picture quality in the hands of a newbie and all you will need to transfer your footage from the Video Camera is a USB equipped Mac or Computer then you wont go wrong when you Hire or Rent the Sony HXR NX30.


Connects via a standard USB the cable is provided
Records for up to 6 hours on internal memory 
20 X Zoom lens 35mm equivalent of 30.4mm to 304mm
Works with Windows and Mac
Easy to use with fully automatic function

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