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Sony HXR MC2000 Hire and Rental

Product Code: Sony HXR MC 2000 Hire and Rental
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Sony HXR MC2000 Hire and Rental

Entry level shoulder mounted camcorder available to Hire the Sony HXR MC2000 which brings major improvements over the model it stands to replace the HVR Sony 1000 which uses tape unlike this the Sony HXR MC2000 uses its internal Hard Drive to record hours and hours of footage in fact over six hours of HD footage can be stored and captured in one outing making this a lot more attractive that the camera it replaces.

Packed with all the features you need to capture and film most projects and subjects easily you can cut your teeth simply and effectively by hiring this camcorder and achieving no fuss operation and the best chances of getting results you can be truly proud of and impress yourself, if you want to keep things simple its as easy as turning the camera on pushing the red button to start and stop and zooming in and out and leave the rest to the advanced technology that will take care of everything else for you.

Designed as a shoulder mounted camcorder and aimed squarely at the wedding videographer and arms you with a number of handy features to ensure even a novice can achieve good quality video with its auto mode or Intelligent Auto as Sony refer to it here are you serious I hear you say Intelligent Auto Mode?

O yeah whilst professional biographers may sneer and be quick to add that auto setup will never match playing with manual settings to achieve the desired results but is this still true I often use auto to get a quick set and then switch to manual to keep them settings consistent so can this Sony really think better and quicker than a human being well we let cars do it with ABS etc, so why not a video camera or camcorder.

This new intelligence is continually looking at and analyzing what you are filming and adjusting as you go along to give you the best all round results so a true novice will get results that won't be over or under exposed or lack contrast or any other errors from creeping in to spoil the footage. So if your here searching for a shoulder mounted serious looking video camera that gets results without having to be a seasoned videographer then Hire the Sony HXR MC2000 camcorder and you will be well on your way to creating that masterpiece you have in mind.


Connects via a standard USB the cable is provided
Records for up to 6 hours on internal memory 
20 X Zoom lens 35mm equivalent of 30.4mm to 304mm
Works with Windows and Mac
Easy to use with fully automatic function

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