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Recent Projects


We are very proud to share a few of the more memorable projects completed by members of our team...



New Music Video For the Deltorers

We had great fun working with the Deltorers and shooting and producing this video for the upcoming release of their latest single.

Creating a dark moody scene to capture the emotion in the track we turned this video around within three days and on a budget of £750 we are now looking forward to completing more videos for the Deltorers.




First Music Video

This was the first ever music video we ever became involved with some 7 years ago now which was shot on a Sony Z1 camcorder and using a Fig Rig to get this great effect along the banks of the river thames on the embankment.

Just goes to show how good results can be acheived using a simple set up. 

Its incredible how time has flown past and how many diverse and rewarding projects we have been involved in and we sincerly hope to continue being given the opportunity to work with you all for many years to come.

Silverstone Classic  

Providing a crew of 16 staff to cover this fast paced event staged over three days and consisting of the largest infield of classic cars ever seen in europe combined with a live stage, Bonhams auction and so much more to keep our team busy for the entire three days.

Providing on site editing services, camera crew and a host of equipment including in car cameras, cranes, steadicams and even aerial footage captured from helicopter cameras and backed up by our presenting staff and producer.

Leading Photography Training Video

A photography lighting masterclass by one of the leaders in fashion photography we provided the equipment the presenters and the studio whilst Jon provided the skill and technical knowledge as we put together what is one of the best selling lighting DVDs available today.

Whilst you would think that training videos would not be here in our more memorable projects it was a great learning curve for our staff to learn more about the equipment that they use and hire out day to day.

Private Nursery Promotion 

This promotional video for one of the leading nurseries in the UK was a pleasure to work on and we were astounded at how natural the little pupils acted when asked to perform in front of the camera.

This shows how diverse our portfolio really is and how adaptable our team can be to take on just about anything that we are given the opportunity to work on.

They often say never work with children or animals but hey we take pride in working with anyone.


Some Of Our Team At Work



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