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Market Research

“Market Research ”


Market research is a key part of having a business.  Whether you are developing a new concept, adding a service or product to your range or simply want to make sure you are offering what your customers want, market research is the best way to do this.  Here at Videod, we offer our services in producing high quality market research video content to use in a multitude of ways for your company.

We can offer a team of skilled, experienced presenters and film crew who can help create market research content for retail and corporate sectors.  We can help with events covering key areas as well as capturing responses to specific questions to create video presentations on a topic. 

Should you require assistance in collating the data we collect and offering reports on it, we can also do this in a number of formats including infographics and the presentation of data to allow your own analysis.  We can turn the data collected into a visual presentation to show to management or investors in the business to make a point or to help illustrate a project.

We can provide you with one or any number of teams of presenter or interviewer and camera crew to collect the information you require for your business.  We have worked with businesses across the industries and of all sizes so we are adept at getting the information you need.

If you want data to back up a concept or a plan that you have, Videod are here to help create it.  We have a process that involves planning every aspect of the content right through to full production and editing to ensure the end content meets your requirements.  We have ready-made packages and can personalise our services to suit your needs.  Whatever your requirements, we are here to help.


What Our Clients Say

How we produce your Market

The use of market research to test an idea, work on a concept or gauge interest in a service isn’t a new idea.
Here at Videod, we take the traditional concept of market research and add our video content experience to it in order to create visual and data-based content that can help you better understand what your customers want as well as pitch an idea to management, shareholders or investors.
Our experience crosses many industries and this means we are adept at creating the kind of content you need. Perhaps you are holding an event and want to interview attendees about their experiences to assess changes needed for the next event. Or maybe you are creating a new product and want interviews with beta testers to understand the reaction to it.
These are just a few of the many ways that market research is used in business. Data driven decisions are often the most successful and the more data you have, the better.
Video not only collects words but emotions, body language and all those subtleties that a written response cannot manage. That way, every minute of video gives you far more data than a page of written response.
We can offer a number of interviewer/crew packages if you require us to cover more than one location, collect multiple interviews at once or to streamline the process of collecting feedback. By getting in touch, we can look at what you want to achieve and how we can help you with it then create a customised video production package that suits your needs.
We offer a clear pricing policy that means you only pay for the time we work on your project and this helps manage costs. Give us a call, send an email or even get in touch on Skype to chat more about your market research needs. Our Market research services include a crew and equipment to capture the key areas that you would like researched in a polite non intrusive manor using tried and tested processes to help assist the subject being interviewed to answer any questions in a way that allows us to gather the research and collect the data in a meaningful easy to analyse way.

Our process of market research content creation starts with a plan – this is where we sit down with you to talk about what you want from the content and how we can make this a reality. The plan is important to ensure both parties are clear about what is being done and what equipment, personnel and space are required to complete the project.
Market research is a key part of developing new products and services for many businesses. It is also a great way to judge reaction to an event, seminar or launch to see what people thought about it, right after they have been through the experience. That’s why we can set up crews at the event to interview people while the content they have seen is fresh in their minds.
We can also collect interviews with beta testers, existing customers and many other people in order to collect data on what people think about your company, product or service. When we plan, we will assess who we will be speaking to and where the interviews will take place – business premises, a venue such as a hotel or somewhere else.
At the planning stage, you can let us know if you want to include a presenter with each film crew or if someone from the company will be doing this job. Many of our customers use our interviewer service because these are professionals who can get the most from interviewees having had plenty of experience with the task. People are often uncomfortable on camera at first and our interviewers can make them feel at ease and therefore more open in their responses.
The plan will also cover what you want us to do with the content and data that we accumulate in the production department, including creating video edits, highlights and also graphics such as infographics to illustrate the main points.

Filming market research content can be a complicated process but the experience we have at Videod in making this kind of video means we are used to dealing with all the different elements. Once we have planned what content you require and where it will be filmed, we can move on to the actual filming process.
We use only the best, new technology for our filming processes. This means content is created in 4K quality and with the latest LED lighting systems where required. We can create an interview setting that is easy for people to handle and is highly effective for creating top quality content – no dark or dingy videos here. By having the best quality equipment, we can be certain that all those subtle body language signals can be picked up and added to the data that we gather for you.
Our video creation process sometimes involves setting up the equipment before the event and this might mean we need access in advance. This will all be laid out in the plan and will ensure that, on the day, no time is wasted and we can start filming as soon as possible. This also ensures that costs are kept to a minimum and we only charge for the time we work to make our services as budget friendly as possible.
Collection of the raw footage is just part of the process. Once we have what we need from the event, location or meetings, we can then move onto the production part of the process, where our expert team turn their attention to transforming the raw footage into the finished presentation or content you require. This is also where any graphic work such as infographics will be created to complete the visuals from the video we are producing for you.

In the production phase of creating market research content, we bring together the raw data we have collected and created the finished presentation you require. This might mean highlights content, a series of videos that you can use for different purposes and even complementing graphics such as infographics. Sometimes the end result is focused around the raw data and we can compile this in a variety of ways so that you have the information you need.
Once the raw footage has been collected, the production team will take over. If you require a finished edit, perhaps a highlight of the event’s feedback or a series of videos featuring the content we have collected, then we can create these. Normally we can get a basic edit done in a short time to allow you to see the content and ensure it is covering everything you need. This would be viewed through our private channel so only you and your colleagues could see it.
We use the latest in editing and production equipment and software to ensure the content created is in an easy to use format that works for your plans. This means if you want to make hard copies to show shareholders at a presentation, this is simple to do. You can even use some of the footage to promote the business in other ways such as on social media.
Once you are satisfied with the content in the format you have chosen, we can finalise the edit. This might mean collecting all the raw data and having our graphic designers create an infographic to illustrate it or deliver the raw data in a format that you have stipulated. Otherwise, if we are providing video content, then we can finalise the edit and once you are satisfied with it, it will be released via the private channel. You can then use it as you see fit.

All we need from you upon booking is a clear brief on location, time of day, demographic if applicable and the subject that you are collating marketing research on.
When you come to Videod to book market research content, we start by looking at exactly what you need. Perhaps you want a series of videos with potential customers or with beta testers for your new product. Maybe you want to have interviews with people attending your event or who have sat through a company presentation. Even content created in the workplace can help with understanding what is working and what isn’t for your team.
When making a booking, we will talk through all your goals and what the content is to be used for. We give each customer access to an account manager and this is the person who will work through the booking with you. We want customers to feel confident about what they are booking and the costs involved so we also operate a clear pricing policy. Your account manager can discuss your needs such as if you want a presenter or interviewer with each crew or if you plan to use your own people.
We can also look at the equipment needed and the venue for the filming. This might be at a venue such as a hotel or a conference centre or take place at your business premises. It might take place in a number of locations depending on where the people to be interviewed are based. This will all be established when you make the booking and incorporated into the price we quote.
Your account manager will let you know about any legal terms that apply to the booking such as cancellation charges. You can also examine any payment terms that might be suitable depending on the nature of the booking. If you need to amend, alter or add to the booking, this is also the person you will speak to. We offer contact via phone, email or even Skype to match what suits you.

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