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Guide to filming your conference

Guide to Videoing a conference or business meeting

Ok so you need to record a conference or a meeting or maybe a training day they all require similar equipment so this guide will help you hire the correct equipment and provide some useful help and tips to get you up and running quickly and ready for the task ahead having covered hundreds probably thousands of conferences and business meetings we are confident that the equipment selected is up to the task and the best possible option for you to use and remember we are here to help you achieve the end result not just hire you the equipment so whatever you may need don’t hesitate to ask.

What’s the best video camera to hire for a business meeting or conference?

is the question we are asked pretty much every day well there are a couple of points to consider and we have made sure that the equipment in our packages have these bases covered, If you will be using a projector TV or monitor to present sleds during the meeting or conference then remember that most video cameras will show the screen flickering as the video camera records in a different manor to that of the projector or TV so the Canon XA10 which is the recommended video camera in our package overcomes this problem as it has inbuilt flicker reduction specifically for this purpose it also features a recording time of six hours giving you enough storage to capture even the longest of days.

The other facilities provided by this camcorder is the ability to take XLR inputs these are audio feeds that you will find in nearly all conference centers that allows you to record the audio picked up by the microphones used on the stage, this is also useful if you are recording in a board room or meeting environment as it allows you to connect an external microphone to make sure the audio captured is good.

Things to watch out for when video recording a conference or meeting

Each filming task presents its own unique challenges and the following are probably areas you should consider and make sure you have a plan to overcome them before they cause any issues,

Many video cameras will focus on the screen being used for presentations and if this screen is bright the screen will look fantastic in your recording but the speaker will look like a dark shadow leaving you with a recording that will not do your subject any justice, the Canon features a clever bit of technology that seeks the faces in the shot and sets the exposure on the camera so the faces will remain bright and the background in this case the slides and presentation will be tamed down,

The best place to record is normally directly in the middle of the room and at the back so make sure your tripod is set high to avoid the tops of heads and you have a clear line sight of the subjects and presentations/slides if you cant be directly in the middle then get as wide a shot as you can and position yourself to the right or the left of any people watching the conference or presentation.

Make sure your mobile is turned of not just on silent but turned of as phones do regularly interfere with the audio being captured and you will pick up a buzzing noise similar to that you would hear if you placed your phone close to your stereo.

Decide if you need a stable wide shot that incorporates the slides or presentation or if you want a tighter shot of the presenters and speakers if you have a copy of the slides these can be dropped into the video presentation easily after you have shot the event.

Do you need any other equipment to professionally record a conference or meeting?

The package is complete with all the basics to capture great quality footage good clear audio and a tripod to keep everything stable you may look at a wireless lapel microphone set up if there is no professional PA system and you need to capture a speaker clearly in a large or noisy environment. Most projectors or TVs used to display slides or presentations are bright enough that you do not need to dim the general lights and therefore the lighting should be adequate that you do not need additional lighting if you plan to dim the lights then a great addition to your kit would be an LED light as featured as an accessory to our conference/meeting video camera package which can be placed on the podium to give a nice soft light so the speaker remains well lit and easy to record.

Additional services to consider when videoing a conference or meeting

You may wish to record the footage your self and return the video camera to us and we can take away the hassle and time consuming job of transferring your footage editing it placing titles and transitions or even slides and complete the conference video production for you returning a DVD with the content ready for distribution or we can upload the completed conference video production to your website or an online sharing platform ready for distribution.

We offer this package, which takes care of these areas swiftly

You might also consider letting Vid4 take care of all the filming editing and production for you and we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised at how cost effective this option is you can find out about the full production of your conference or meeting with the following options

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