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Festival Video Production

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The use of video in combination with the internet has completely revolutionised events such as festivals, concerts and shows.  This is why Videod now offers festival video production to our customers to ensure that if you are hosting an event of this nature, you can reach a greater audience than ever.  In addition, this content is an excellent way to advertise and market future events.

A festival may be held each year but every one is unique, filled with moments that only ever happen once.  Therefore, by capturing those moments on a quality video production, you can have access to them year after year.  You can issue copies of them for attendees to buy and relive their enjoyment and they can also be used to showcase the event for future years.

While anyone can take a fun video of a group or artist with a smartphone, you need specialist equipment and skills to capture high quality, TV grade video content and this is what we offer.  We have a team of knowledgeable crew who have worked on projects around the world from music events to sporting festivals and even to motorsports events at locations such as Silverstone.

Our packages suit your needs and can range from live streaming straight to social media or a website through to creating a series of finely edited video content pieces that can be used to advertise future events.  We can work with you to see what you want to capture from the event and what the purpose of the video content that we create will be.

Perhaps you know that you want video but are a little unsure what to do with it afterwards?  Then you can also make use of our marketing team to maximise the impact of the content that we create alongside clear marketing goals.


What Our Clients Say

How we produce your Festival Video

Festival video production is about more than just capturing an artist for a few minutes during their set or catching the moment the famous car arrives at the venue. High quality video content captures moments and highlights special events but also helps to promote the entire event and can even be an additional source of revenue.
Taking a quick video of a festival or event isn’t a new idea and people do it all the time with smartphones. And while a slightly shaky, fun video with a few crowd audio elements included is a great way to show friends what a great time you had, it doesn’t do the job that high quality video productions can do for you, the organiser of the event.
By using Videod, you get much more than a fun piece of user generated content – you get a top quality production that fulfils your stated aims and can be used for a wide range of purposes after the event. Our process starts with planning the content, where we look at what these aims would be and also assess the actual filming required.
Once we have the raw footage, we move to the production department and this is where the extra experience and high tech software that we utilise will show through. We can create varying lengths of video for different purposes so that you can do the most with the footage we have captured.
If you are uncertain what is the best way to use the content or need help marketing your event for future years, then our in-house marketing team can assist. Simply let your account manager know when you discuss the booking and we can schedule in time with them to ensure you get the best return on investment for your content as possible.

When planning a festival video production, there are lots of different elements to combine to ensure that all parts of the event are captured in the right way. To ensure that everything is where it needs to be at the right time, we start our process by planning the video content extensively with you. Once you have made a booking, then this is the first step that we take.
Planning the video production starts by assessing what parts of the event are to be captured. For example, if you are holding a music festival and want to have the whole event live streamed to your website and social media profiles, then we will need to ensure we have the right equipment in place for this.
Alternatively, you may want us to capture the event in order to edit together a highlights style video or a ‘best of’ collection that can be used as both marketing material and also something sold to attendees of the event afterwards as a memento. You may want to include some interviews or other footage in addition to the actual content from the event so we can arrange to speak to the people required beforehand to collect this additional footage.
The festival video production may be required as marketing materials to help increase attendance at the following year’s event or to increase corporate sponsorship. This might mean a series of smaller videos that can be used in different ways to highlight different parts of the event and might incorporate audience footage and feedback or other elements.
Whatever you need from your content, we can plan this together at the start of the process. That way, we know what we need to do and you can be certain that everything you require to have covered is done for you.

The filming stage of festival video production is where our equipment and expertise will come into the equation to ensure we collect all of the footage that you require to fulfil the goals laid out in the planning stage of the process.
We will often need access to the location ahead of the event to install equipment and to check various settings and situations. If you have a festival taking place across more than a single stage or location then we can assess where we need to be at any stage to ensure we capture the footage you require. The same applies if the event is taking place across a number of days and you want us to capture specific parts of the event rather than the entire thing.
Our clear pricing policy means you only pay for the time that we are filming so if you only want specific events covering in the footage, we can arrange to be in place at these times and therefore keep your costs down. However, if you want to live stream the event, we will need to be around to operate the equipment for the duration of the event. Likewise, we can assess exactly what equipment is required where to get the very best quality footage.
During the filming stage, we will also collect any audience shots and interaction that you require. If you want to include interviews with people performing at the event, sponsors or other people then we can arrange this beforehand to ensure we collect the footage required for the production department to work with afterwards.
Having completed the filming part of the process, we can then move onto the production side of things and work to complete the goals laid out in the original plan to ensure you get the video content you require.

The ‘production’ element of our festival video production package is where all the raw footage collected is then edited and assembled into the format that you require. Our process involves collecting all of the footage from your festival or other event then following the plan laid out when you first made the booking to ensure that we cover everything in the edit that you need.
Editing video is a complicated process and we use specialist equipment to do the very best job for our customers. We can usually create a basic edit version of some of the content required the next day in order for you to view it and make sure it is what you want. Once you are happy with the direction that the process is taking, we can complete the process.
Editing footage might mean combining different sections together to create a memorable moments style video or it might mean highlighting a particular part of the event to make into a piece of web content. You may have a few requirements with the content including for promotional materials and to highlight the event on social media. Our editing process will take these requirements into account to create the best content possible.
Once the production process is finished, you will be able to access the footage through our private channel. The phase is complete once you are happy with what we have created and you are then able to download it from the channel to use as you require.
If this is all you need, then the process is finished but if you want to make the most of the content we have created, then you can move on to work with our in-house marketing team to maximise the impact your content will have and make different uses of it.

Professional marketing of your festival video production is a great way to make the most of every minute of footage that we have captured for you. But not every company has their own marketing expert and even if they have, that person or team might not have the time to take on an extra project or the experience marketing video content.
Here at Videod, our team of marketing experts have just the knowledge you require and can help you with the marketing of your video content. For example, if you want to show highlights of the event on your website, they can help you create an optimised page that will be viewable on smartphones and other devices as well as from desktops.
Perhaps you want to use the content to market the event for next year by showing what a great festival it has been. Our marketing team can help you strategize the best way and best place to do this for the maximum impact. We can help with areas such as SEO (search engine optimisation) and with any content required to work alongside the video to ensure it is purposeful and easy to find.
Sometimes the best way to convince people to sponsor an event or to get involved with it is to show them how great it is and this is another type of promotional material that we can produce and our marketing team can assist you with. By showing those potential sponsors or investors the best of this year’s event, they are more inclined to get involved with the next year’s event.
You can even use the content to generate extra revenue by offering highlights videos to those who have attended the event. Our marketing team can help with this, offering people the best and easiest way to obtain the footage and commemorate the event.

Booking a festival video production with Videod is a very simple process if you know exactly what you want. And if you are unsure, then this is no problem as we can go through your options and give you all the information you need to make a decision.
There are plenty of ways to get in touch – phone, email, Skype or even via the website. If the service package you need is available then you can simply book it and then we will establish an account manager contact for you. This is the person who deals with everything to do with the booking and is your point of reference for the production.
If you know what you want in terms of the end result but are unsure how to get there, then please use our experience to help you make that plan. We can offer options such as live streaming, highlights video and even promotional materials to help generate interest in the following year’s event. Tell us what you want to achieve and we can help you see the best way to do this.
In addition to our video filming and production services, we also offer marketing assistance. So if you know what you want to do with the video content but are a little uncertain of the technicalities or the best way to maximise the content, let our experts give you a hand.
Once you make the booking, any alterations or changes need to be made through the account manager. They are also the ones who will let you know about legal matters applying to the booking and also if there are any additional requirements we have around the actual filming. Should you want to explore payment options, your account manager can also help look into this subject with you.

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