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Conference Video Production

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Here at Videod, we work with companies both nationally and internationally on conference video production to capture conferences and other corporate events.  We offer a range of services to ensure your event is captured both in high quality and in a way that most benefits your business.  This might mean basic filming and production services right through to live streaming.  We can even have special services added to the package such as same-day editing to ensure that the key messages from the event are available as quickly as possible.

Creating video content from your corporate event is a big undertaking and this is why more companies than ever are using our service rather than simply hiring a couple of cameras and delegating it to a couple of staff members.  Capturing the event, the audience and the atmosphere of the event requires both top level equipment and lots of experience.  This is what Videod offer for your business, regardless of the industry you are in.

Having the content created is just one part of the service – we can also offer marketing advice about the best way to use that content.  For example, parts of the event could be put together to create a promotional video for the business to use with potential investors.  It can help as part of a recruitment drive to highlight the benefits of working for the company.  Or it can simply be used as social media content in small chunks to increase reach on Facebook or on a YouTube channel.

Whatever you need, we are happy to create a package that will serve those requirements.  And if you are unsure about exactly how to approach your conference video production, then let us use our expertise to help you plan – it’s all part of the service that we offer!


What Our Clients Say

How we produce your Conference Video

The key to a successful conference video production is the planning and this is why we take this side of things very seriously. Our aim is to completely understand what you want from the content we will create and this can guide the technical side of how we take footage as well as the production phase. That’s why we follow our process for every customer.
Conferences take a lot of organisation for a business and we understand that fitting in our planning process might seem like just one thing more to do. But by allowing us to plan the content alongside your plans for the event, we can ensure that we cover the most important aspects of the day. You may want to ensure that the whole event is covered to then create a condensed version but you may also want a particular focus on a speaker or a presentation that can be used for other purposes. By planning what we need to do, we can ensure that everything fulfils your needs.
Planning is just the first stage and once we have the plan in place and we have captured the content, we can start working on the production phase. Following the plan allows us to capture all the relevant content and then we can create the finished product or products that you require. We use specialist equipment and expertise to create a flawless end product.
Finally, if you need assistance with the use and marketing of your content then you can work with our marketing team to find out the best ways to use the videos. From social media sharing to the use at trade shows and even as part of training videos, we can help you maximise the impact your conference video content has.
If you want to discuss your event or even make a booking, simply use the contact means below and we can start our process.

Just as you will plan extensively for the event you are arranging, we at Videod plan for the conference video production that we will create for you from that event. Our planning stage is where we look at the aims you have from your event and therefore from the content that will be produced during it.
Perhaps you know that you want video content but are a little unsure what the focus of it might be. We can help you break down the event and focus on what you could use the content from each for – a keynote speaker could make great content for a YouTube channel while an overview video with audience interaction could make a great corporation promotion video.
Other customers come to us with a clear idea of what they want from the content we create and we can then transform these aims into the plan. We can look at how many people need to be involved with the process and study all the technical side of the process such as the layout of the location. This allows us to ensure we collect all the raw footage that we need to create the end content that you require.
Conferences are very busy events and there is a lot to see and do. Therefore, we can offer a number of options to help make the process of arranging your video content simple and discreet. That way your attendees don’t feel uncomfortable at being caught on camera but we can still get the best footage to showcase your event.
If you want to discuss your event or ideas you have about creating a conference video, then simply give us a call, send an email or even contact us on our dedicated Skype number.

After we have the plan in place for your conference video production, we can move to the actual filming. Here is where you see the benefits of using a professional video creation service – or don’t see if we are using discreet filming. The video that we create is always to the highest standards because we use the very best equipment for both the capture of the footage and the editing process afterwards.
We will often visit the location of the event beforehand to establish best locations for our equipment to ensure we capture all the important elements. If you are still working on the layout and where elements for the events will be placed, we can offer a viewpoint based on our vast experience with capturing these events. Or if the layout is already in place then we can work with it to ensure we can capture all of the event easily and comprehensively. We can see if any additional lighting is required to help create that crisp and clean video after editing.
We offer clear pricing for all of our packages so you will know upfront what the cost of the production is going to be. When we plan, we will be able to see how many people and how much equipment is required alongside your knowledge of the schedule of the event to formulate a firm price for the event. We only charge for the time we spend filming at the event in order to keep costs down for our customers.
If you require any special interviews or other segments away from the main event we can also schedule these with the relevant people to ensure all the topics are covered that you require from the plan. Once we have all the footage from the day and any supplementary interviews, we can then move to the production phase.

Production is the phase where we work our magic with the raw footage that we have captured in order to create the conference video production that you require. We use a variety of specialist editing software as well as countless hours of experience to take that raw footage and transform it into the video content you require.
We know with conferences, there is often the need to get a copy of the video in circulation as quickly as possible. Therefore, we offer basic same-day content for the overview of the event in order to use on your website and to show to staff to ensure that the right people see the event as quickly as possible.
Once the basic edit is complete, we can further fine-tune the remaining content to fulfil the requirements from the plan. This can mean editing together the different sections to create a narrative style video of the event as well as combining any interviews or other sections that we have created. We can ensure that all content has top quality sounds and balanced lighting so that it looks great regardless of where it is screened.
Our in-house graphic design team can also add any required branding elements to the content to ensure it is in keeping with your business’s other video content. They will also complete colour grading processes and other work to make the content top quality. You can view the created content through our private channel and request additional or amended content depending on your needs.
Once you are happy with the production, you can simply download the content from the channel to use on your website or to create disc copies to use in training and meeting situations. If you need assistance with formats for social media and to upload to your website, we can advise you as well.

Video content is a huge way to market your business and once you have your conference video production content, you can then use it for a host of different ways. If you are unsure what is the best approach or need some help with marketing the content, our in-house team is available to assist.
One of the best uses for video content currently is on social media. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter often seen over 100% increase in views and interactions with video content versus normal link or text content. We can help you use the various videos that have been created from your conference to market the business across these sites. YouTube is the home of much video content and having a channel is a popular option for many businesses. This means uploading your conference video production to this channel can market the business to a whole new audience and even attract new customers or investors by showcasing what the business can do. Video content can also be embedded on the company’s website to show the event but also to create interest and brand awareness.
If you are unsure about the best uses of your content or have ideas but are uncertain how to go about it, our marketing team can help you. We can assist with areas such as SEO or search engine optimisation to ensure that the content is easily found by Google and other search engines. We can also assist with the formatting of the video to ensure it is viewable on different devices such as smartphones or tablets and therefore extending the potential reach.
Our marketing service is here to help with what you need so simply let us know that you require these additional services and we can put them in place for you once the video production is complete.

We aim to make booking our services as simple as possible and that’s why you can book basic packages straight here on the website. You can also contact us through email and Skype as well as via the telephone number below to go through the details of what you need for your conference video production.
Conferences can be a single day event or take place over a number of days so we can book a series of sessions to ensure we capture all the main elements of the event. Or you can book us to come at specific times if you want to capture keynote speaker or certain parts of the event only. Just let us know what you require when you get in touch and we can create a personalised package that ensures you don’t pay for anything other than what you need.
When you get in touch with a query and make a booking, you are then allocated an account manager. This is the person who will liaise with your staff to ensure any additional interviews are conducted. He or she will be your main contact for the whole process and will handle the payment side of things, arranging the crew to visit the location and any other matters that need to be in place for a successful production. If you need to make changes, this person is the one that will handle everything.
The account manager is the person who will advise you of legal matters that concern your booking. This includes your right to cancel, charges and any other matters. If you want to enter into a payment plan for a larger account or extended booking, we can also take the important information to conduct a credit check and make sure this is possible before you sign anything.

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