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Commercial and Advert Production

“Commercial and Advert Production ”


While the world of advertising has been forever changed by the internet, there is still a strong demand for commercial and advert production that can be used across all platforms including TV.  Advertising your business, product or service on the TV is still one of the most effective methods of marketing and requires the skills of professional crew and production departments in order to achieve the best results – a service we offer at Videod.

We offer cost effective advertising and commercial videos that take the minimal amount of time and therefore have a low as possible cost point.  The accessibility of the service means that we have worked with businesses of all sizes around the country and from all industries.

We work with you to create a conception and follow through to the completed production including creating clear messages, strong calls to action and even new ideas to help reinforce the brand.  Such adverts are ideal for building loyalty and trust in the brand and even advancing sales from new demographic areas.

Our team is skilled, experienced and award winning and make use of the very latest in equipment and software to produce the highest quality video content.  This allows our customers to have the kind of advertising content they dreamed of but thought was outside their budget.

As well as the production, we can also assist with marketing the content and using it online as well as offline.  This means you can reach the greatest possible audience and ensure that you get the best possible return on investment for your video.  Our in-house marketing team are experts in the best way to market video content and can help even if you have a marketing team yourself – their specialist knowledge can give your content the edge over that of your competitors and ensure that you are the one customers turn to having seen it.


What Our Clients Say

How we produce your Commercial and Advert

While the rise of the internet has had a huge impact on the world of advertising, commercial and advert production for TV still remains one of the best investments a business can make. By showing your product or service to a TV audience, you have the best opportunities to gather new leads and customers. But creating this type of content isn’t something that all video production companies can offer.

Here at Videod, we have experienced and qualified crew and production team who are award winners in their areas. This means that you are investing in quality productions that will benefit your business and work with the goals that you have set. Maybe you want to increase brand awareness and add to your leads database or maybe you want more people to see the new product that you have just launched. Whatever the goal for the project, Videod can help you achieve it.

When you approach us about creating video content, your goals or aims are the first things we look at. These goals help us create a plan around the elements that need to be included, the equipment required to create the content and the people it will feature. We can assess all the aspects of the video using our experience to know what might work best for you and ensure you are happy before we move on.

Part of our process involves the production element where the software and skills of our team can take the raw footage and transform it into the finished article. We can create a video of varying lengths to use for TV ads but also for online advertising such as through Facebook or Google AdWords. Working with our marketing team can help you explore these options and see what might work best for your business.

When planning commercial and advert production, it is important to have a clear plan for both the goals of the production and the technical aspects of it. This is why we at Videod start the process of creating your content with a clear plan of what is needed and how we will create this.
With commercials or adverts, a script is often key. While some types of video can be off the cuff and spontaneous, this type of content usually benefits from a clear script and planning of the content. So, the first step is to look at what you want to do with the advert and therefore what it should include.
For example, if you are advertising a new product, then the advert will usually feature the product. But will it also feature people? Will there be graphic overlays to highlight the important points? If you want to use your own people in the content, we can organise this or we can supply presenters to run the advert and feature in it.
Perhaps the aim is to highlight your services rather than a product. Again, you may want a presenter to front the advert. Perhaps you want to feature snippets from past customers or other ways to demonstrate what the service does and why it might benefit people. We can help you assess the opinion available and decide what is the best course to take.
Once you are satisfied with the goals and how the content will achieve them, we can plan the technical side of the production. You may want to use the business premises for the filming or hire a venue. Perhaps you want to film outside somewhere if this is more suitable. We can plan all of this along with the equipment we will need to work with the location as part of this phase of the process.

Filming the video content for a commercial and advert production is about using the natural benefits of the location and the people involved alongside the experience of our award-winning crew and the top quality equipment that we use. Filming is where we collect all the raw footage that we require to create the advert you desire.
Our crew use the very latest in equipment including recording in 4K and the very latest in LED lighting systems. This offers a clean white light that makes the production side of the process easier and ensures colours of products in the shots are correct and true. It also means people look their normal, healthy selves with none of the yellow tint that traditional lighting can bring.
We can also film in outdoor locations if this is the best option for your advert. Maybe you offer products that are used outdoors or are appealing to a local audience and want to incorporate notable local landmarks or scenery in the advert. This can help establish brand trust, showing that you really are based in their local area.
During the planning phase, we will establish if anyone is featuring in the advert and at what point we need them to be present. People who aren’t used to being on camera can feel uncomfortable but we are adept at making them feel relaxed and therefore bringing out their personality on camera. We also have presenters who can be the face of the advert if you prefer, allowing us to quickly create the video content with minimal re-takes.
Once we have assembled the footage needed, the process then moves to the production team where the raw footage will be transformed into the finished product that you require to show on TV or even online via your website or social media profiles.

Collecting raw footage is the first major step in commercial and advert production but once this is complete, then it is the turn of the production team to work their magic and create the finished product. Production, or editing, is where we use the variety of specialist equipment at our fingertips to take all that raw content and form it together into the finished result you need.
Part of our production process is the use of graphic designers who help add elements to the footage that make it even more professional. This might be graphic text overlays or other branding elements that ensure the finished product is easy to view and allows TV audiences to quickly understand everything they need about your product or service.
We often have a short turnaround for a basic edit that allows you to see if things are heading in the right direction. Viewable through our private online channel, you will be able to see if the content is shaping up as you desired and be certain that all the subtle elements you want to have included are present.
We then finish the final editing and again the content is available on the private channel. Screen it for the required people within your company and once everyone is satisfied with it, you can then download it from the channel to make hard copies. If the broadcaster you are working with has made any stipulations about the format, length or other elements, we can ensure these have all been met and you can then forward the finished content to them.
For some customers, this might be the end of the line and the advert would then run on TV. But for others, they want to make more of their content and this is where our marketing team can help.

By its nature, commercial and advert production does the marketing for you – it markets your product or service to the TV audience that views it. And while TV advertising is still one of the best ways to get new customers and build your leads, there are other options to use the content that involve newer marketing means – namely around the internet.
Let’s say that your advert goes on TV and has a positive response. People are buying it in greater numbers and you have lots of fantastic, positive feedback. Then why not use the same content online with the addition of an ‘as seen on TV’ style captioning. You can quote numbers of people who have bought or signed up for your product or service since the ad ran and use this is a form of social proof.
This is just one idea of the ways you can market your content once it is created. There’s nothing to stop you using all or part of the content in different ways such as to highlight the business on Facebook or Twitter where video content is very popular. YouTube is the biggest video sharing website and many companies use advertising content on this platform alongside other business content to reach a new audience.
Video gives great SEO results and therefore using a cut from the advert on your website can also be beneficial. This means that you are picking up traffic from the internet in addition to the extra people viewing your company through the TV advert.
Our marketing team can help examine the options with the content you have created and see what we can do to maximise the impact that it has. This means that one advert can have a multitude of purposes and increase the return on investment for it.

Videod aim to make booking a commercial and advert production as easy as possible by offering a range of services that you can purchase online as well as the ability to contact us through various means to enquire about personalised packages.
We have phone, email and Skype contact details available to allow you to chat to one of the team and find out about the service you require. Give us a call with the information about your product or service and we can examine what you might need to create a great TV advert around it. We will also take details of things like the format and any stipulations from the broadcaster as well as information about the location.
We operate a clear pricing policy that means you only pay for what you use and we always keep you advised of the cost of our services. So by telling us at the outset what you need and also what your goals are for the production, we can better assess what is needed and give a more accurate quote. If you later decide to add services to the package, this can easily be done by contacting us.
Every customer works with a dedicated account manager and they are the ones who help arrange everything for your production. This will often mean organising the venue or location, ensuring the right people are present and getting our crew access beforehand to assemble equipment. If you need to query anything or make alterations to the schedule, the account manager is the person you speak to.
They are also the people to speak to regarding payment terms and also who will advise you about cancellation rights and other legal stuff so that you can make a booking from a position of being completely confident and informed.

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