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Canon XA10 Camcorder Hire and Rental

Brand: Canon
Product Code: Canon XA10 hire and rental
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Canon XA10 Camcorder Hire and Rental

The Canon XA10 is available for hire and rental and as small camcorders and video cameras have always been popular with clients looking for lightweight and inconspicuous ways to capture video they are set to prove very popular. 

You will notice when you first see the Canon XA10 that its size is dominated by the two XLR inputs for audio on the top of the camcorder which hints at the professional features that have been packed into this prosumer camcorder including a 1/3 HD CMOS sensor allowing you to capture pure 1920x1080 HD footage.

The autofocus system employed uses face recognition and works well you can choose a face on the viewfinder and the camera will try and track that face using the clever autofocus system the only gripe here would be that the viewfinder is a little small however a bigger viewfinder would result in a bigger camcorder so a good compromise has been found the only other point we would note on the camcorder is the external mount for a microphone is set very close to the front of the Canon XA10 and if your using a long mic you will notice the microphone creeping into your shot and the use of a small external mic is needed especially for wide shots.

Fitted with a fixed 10x zoom lens the Canon XA10 produces very sharp results and works extremely well in low light conditions thanks to the clever sensor this camcorder uses. In summary hire or rent the Canon XA10  if you need a small camcorder that packs some pro features and is a breeze to use yet the resulting footage in a novices hands will be surprisingly effective.


Connects via a standard USB the cable is provided
Records for up to 6 hours on internal memory 
20 X Zoom lens 35mm equivalent of 30.4mm to 304mm
Works with Windows and Mac
Easy to use with fully automatic function

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