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Canon Camera Hire Guide

If you are looking to hire a Canon Camera then you have probably ended up here because you need a little assistance in choosing the best camera to hire. You can choose from the complete current range of Canon DSLR bodies from our hire fleet so to follow is some basic advice to help you make the right selection.

All of the DSLR Camera Hire models for Hire and Rental provided are compatible with all the Canon lenses for hire on our site so you wont have to worry about compatibility between camera bodies and lenses. For start the only main concerns you are probably having will be the type of shoot you will be taking pictures on and what camera will best suit your requirements, so we have highlighted 4 Canon cameras for hire that tend to be the choice of professionals for the given job at hand.
Sports and fast moving subjects camera hire
For fast moving subjects you will need a camera with a good burst rate. This allows you to frame your subject and keep focus on your subject whilst holding down the shutter release button, allowing the camera to take continuos shots. Ideal when you are trying to take a shot of a formula 1 car screaming past or a horse making a jump at speed. The camera of choice to hire is the Canon 1D MKIV capable of shooting 10 pictures per second and taking up to 121 pictures in one shot crowning the 1D MK IV the machine gun of the camera world. Married to an impressive 16.1 mega pixel sensor you wont be sacrificing quality in your quest to capture split second stills. If speed and pin sharp images are your main criteria then the Canon 1D MK IV hire package is the solution for you. Remember you will require a low F stop lens to help you achieve these speeds with outstanding results.
Portrait and studio work camera hire
Most Portrait and studio work will involve the use of controlled lighting allowing you to be much more creative. You will also have the time to have your subject re pose and adjust your camera and lighting to get the effects and style of shot you are after. We offer a great portrait hire package that gives you everything you need, not only the back drops and lights, but our recommended hire camera the Canon 5D MKII. The Canon 5D MKII has a full frame sensor for great quality and especially handy if you will be printing the end results in large format. You can read more in our Portrait hire guide.
Wedding Photography camera hire
Capturing those perfect wedding moments in photos that the bride and groom will cherish forever is a huge responsibility and you need the best equipment to be able to gain the highest quality photos. The Canon 7D is a perfect camera to hire for wedding photography. Its brand new 18 mega-pixel APS-C sensor and their gapless microlenses allows the camera to let in lots of light, perfect for those dark churches! It has a high pixel count making the photos high quality. Hire the Canon 7D with a Canon 24-70mm, Canon 24-105mm or even a Canon 70-200mm lens to get the best results. 
Wildlife and Safari Camera Hire
It's a chance of a lifetime to go on a safari and you want to make sure you get the best photos possible. The Canon 1DS MKIII is a highly recommended camera to hire as it has a massive pixel count giving you high quality photos. It also has a full frame sensor meaning that whatever you see through the view finder is what you will get on the photos, very handy to make sure all the animals are included in the shot. Use the Canon 1DS MKIII with a long zoom lens to make sure you get the best results.
Canon Camera Models Available for Hire
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