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Camera Lens Hire Guide


Top Tips on Camera Lens Hire or Rental .

You will find some useful advice to help with the process of hiring a camera lens for your Canon or Nikon camera we are proud to support both brands and we hope this guide will give you a good insight as to what is available and what to look out for when chosing which lens to hire or rent.


Choosing the right camera lens to hire or rent.

The first choice is obviously which brand you will go for and you already probably have a good idea based on the camera that you have or the camera that you will be renting, I think it would be fair to say that the acquisition of the camera body normal dictates the choice of lens and it would be rare that a client would buy a lens before a camera body saying that many of our clients will stick with a brand simply because they have collected a range of lenses for the choosen body.

Both the Canon Lenses and Nikon Lenses that we have on our fleet are used in both videography and photography and with the latest range of cinematic Canon video cameras also using the canon lenses these are proving ever popular.

If you know what you are seeking then you can go straight to our Canon Lens Hire section or Nikon Lens Hire section if you need a little more advice then carry on reading and you will have a greater understanding of the types of lenses and focus lengths and the technology incorporated to help you make an informed choice.





Popular Lens Hire Packages 

It would be fair to say that there are lenses you can hire that suit specific jobs perfectly and would always be top of the list for a given event or project those lenses that sport the correct focal length and features to perform to the highest possible standard.

Weddings, You have two popuar choices a 70-200 giving you the flexibility to shoot relatively close and also from a distance buit this is a large lens and you will need to have a fair bit of distance between you and the sublect, or the very popular choice the 24-105 which will allow you to zoom in and out to nicely frame your shot and great for group shots so you wont have to stand to far away. 

Sports like football and rugby, Speed is the key here and for that reason many pros will hire a prime or fixed lens the Canon 300mm and 400mm are very popular rentals and whilst they do not offer any option to zoom they are extremely fast to focus and have impressively low f stops and image stabilisation as standard so you can choose a prime lens or another very popular lens would be the 100-400 giving you the freedom to zoom in or out handy when you are unsure how far from the action you may be.



Zoom Or Fixed Camera Lenses

There are a few lenses on the market that come close to the quality and perfection of prime or fixed lenses but it is generally accepted that for ultimate quality a prime or fixed lens offers the best optical performance and generally has lower f stop availability but with the freedom that comes with a zoom lens it can sometimes be an easy sacrifice to opt for a zoom lens allowing you to frame your shots far easier and with world leading zoom lenses available you really can now have one lens that will cover a host of events for you with only a minor loss in quality that in most circumstances would not be noticed.

Whilst purists and pros will look for a prime lens that they can work with for the luxury of faster shooting you will probably get better results using a zoom lens and being able to frame your shots not to mention drawing much less attention to your kit as some of the primes available are large to say the least.




Lens Hire Features explained. 

Most Lens manufacturers have similar features on the high end lenses that are available to hire or rent but they use slightly different technology to achieve the same results whilst Nikon use VR short for Vibration Reduction  and Canon use IS short for Image Stabilisation both systems designed to stabilise the image being taken to reduce blur and keep the image oin sharp a feature that really is a must have when shooting from a long distance.

You will see an f stop on all the lenses that can be hired or rented and this allows you to gauge how much light the lens can let in simply put the larger the circumfrance at the end of the lense the LOWER the f stop and the lower the f stop the faster the lens will perform (needs less time for the shutter to be open as more light is hitting the sensor) so if your looking to capture fast moving action go for the lowest f stop that you can afford for the focal length you require.


Examples Of Focal Lengths

            14mm                                                               24-70 @ 24mm                                                            50mm           


                                                                    70mm                                                                    200mm                                                            300mm                                                                                     


                400mm                                                                  600mm                                                                1200mm           


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