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Aerial Videography Is now within anyones grasp.

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It was over 7 years ago that we offered an aerial drone for videography and in all honesty the drone was very demanding to control the camera used was a Sony A1 HDV based camera and whilst a few seconds of good video could be captured it was rare that a shot could be planned it was more a case of looking through the wobbly footage to pick out some nuggets that could be used to add an aerial perspective to a production, We finally said goodbye to our drone when it set of on an unexplained flight whilst shooting for the BBC in the Himalayas.

A lot of developments have come along in  seven years with multiple axis gimbals more powerful drones and the capability to carry bigger payloads with the arrival of the Inspire1 we are happy to be offering once again a very cost effective and dependable solution to add aerial footage to productions of all budgets featuring a dedicated 4k camera with 360 degrees of rotation and dual controllers means you really will be well equipped to capture that aerial footage your production deserves.

There's still a great deal of myth around laws and the use of Drones or Aerial Videography basically you are fully responsible for the use and operation, and bear in mind you may require permission from the CAA in some instances however you do not need a licence If you are filming on a commercial basis or closer than the distances listed within Article 167 to people or properties which are not in your control.

However if you will be filming near buildings or people and you are not being paid you do not need any permission from the CAA but you must adhere to regulations and ensure risk assessment has been taken to ensure no one will be injured or hurt.

All this results in a great opportunity to get fantastic results without the need to even approach the CAA.

We are offering for hire the Inspire1 aerial filming system complete with 4K camera and dual remotes one for the pilot and one for the camera operator from £200 allowing aerial footage to be used on any video production no matter the budget.


Latest update: Jul 07, 2015


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