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If need additional crew for your production or a full team then we have you covered at Videod, there’s nothing better than our camera video crew operators to get the very best video content for your business.  Whether this means filming an event such as a conference, seminar or a trade event or conducting interviews, Videod can offer our expert services to create just the content that you require.
We have worked with companies as well as international TV channels from all areas of media in all parts of the world.  We have worked on everything from simple interviews and event recording sessions to documentaries and advertising content.  We can bring that expertise and experience to your requirements to ensure that the content created is exactly what you need.
We offer a wide variety of services so you only pay for what you require.  This might mean that you hire basic video camera equipment, lighting and sound along with the operators to work it.  Or you may need something more comprehensive.  We have a minimum booking period of three hours but can arrange any length of package depending on your needs.
All of our staff are trained and experienced, hand-picked by us to ensure they are at the top of the industry.  Their knowledge and experience can help in hundreds of little ways during the course of a shoot and often, you won’t even realise how they have improved the end result.  Our portfolio of clients shows that we have the background to make even the simplest event into an award winning style piece of video.
To discuss what your company needs from our camera video crew operators, then simply give us a call or use the contact form and we can begin the process of solving your video requirements.  Alternatively, send an email or even call us on our dedicated Skype number.



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How we produce your Corporate Video

Hiring camera video crew operators might seem daunting, we provide additional staff to assist in covering large events, sickness and holidays to agencies, Tv and Broadcast companies as well as covering longer term projects like documentaries and films.
We have crew available in London that can be on location in a matter of hours if needed urgently and whilst we cant cover every request the chances are we will be able to find a solution that works.
If you are producing content and just need skilled crew then you are in the right place our team of video production specialists have experience on most project types and an enviable credits list to support this.
Our process means we will sit with you to go through what you require and also what aims you have with the content. Whatever you immediate or long term goal, we can formulate a plan that helps us cover all the aspects you require from the video crew.

Filming with camera video crew operators is a simple process for you, the customer. You simply do whatever you are scripted to do and let our experts do all the magic. Our operators are qualified and experienced individuals with plenty of know-how on both the equipment they use and the little tricks that make for the best video content.
Our operators can wear your business’s hat if required and are always working on contract for major agencies and broadcast companies, they are happy to take direction or assist if you need added value in all areas they are trained in.
Our clear pricing promise means that you only pay for the time that we work and we film as quickly as possible in order to keep costs down. By formulating our plan, we know what will happen when and this also cuts down on costs and saves you money.
Our crew can be provided with or without equipment just select the options below and they will arrive with whats been specified ready to start work.

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All prices quoted above are for venues within the M25 we cover national and international venues and a surcharge may apply, we will confirm any additional travel costs before processing your booking.
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Vid4hire have been supplying the video industry with Camcorder and Video Camera Rental and Hire solutions since 1995. Our ethos is to offer the most cost effective means to produce the highest quality video for any given budget across all sectors of video production so if you are looking for the missing piece of your production jigsaw trust Vid4hire


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