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Drone Hire Guide

Guide to Hiring a Video Drone for aerial filming

So your looking to add that extra dimension to your video production that only an aerial drone can deliver, unarguably aerial footage adds an extra dimension to any wedding, corporate or even news production giving fresh angles and perspectives on something that might otherwise be flat and uniteresting to your viewer.

If your responsible for ensuring the arial footage is captured and your unsure if your confidence levels are high enough to take on the challenge then you can always hire a drone with a fully licenced and insured operator  and that may be your best option, if however you would like to try your hand at filming from the sky then all you need to know is enclosed on the following pages so take the time to check over the guides and you should have a clear idea on what you need to be aware of and whats available.

This quick guide has been written to make sure that your client loves the aerial video footage you capture and you stear clear of the major pitfalls associated with flying Drones

Ive been flying Drones and aerial blimps to capture aerial film footage for over 10 years my first drone did not have an advanced gimbal like the drones now and was carrying a tape based Sony A1 camcorder without any optical stabilization, so it would takes hours of flying blind as the video camera didnt even transmit what it was seeing to me so I solely relied upon my senses to imagine what the drone was seeing to make things even more difficult the drone did not have GPS keeping it place like the drones on hire now and keeping the drone airbourne would require an advanced skillset and months and months of practice to safely take of and land let alone get usable footage.

 I learnt many tricks over the years and hope these will help you you will be happy to know that technology has advanced so rapidly that the drones on hire here pretty much fly themselves now and unlike my early endeavours whereupon I would need to fly for two hours plus to get a couple of minutes usable footage and the money shots needed pretty mush everything the modern day drone captures is usable making aerial film capture so mush easier and accesable. . We will be looking at all aspects of filming a wedding to help you get the very best results possible when shooting not to mention choosing a hire company that you can depend upon.


Choosing which aerial video drone to hire

There are many models of drone avaialble but one good thing to bear in mind is that all our drones are as easy to fly as the next, the main difference being the cameras that they are fitted with and this will guide you through what to select dependant on the required quality of your finished production.

The Phantom 4 drone is a good place to start its lightweight package means its easy to transport on any shoot and you can shoot 4k footage ideal for use when you main camera is a DSLR or Canon CINE video camera this ensures an easy post production workflow giving you nice consistency between the cameras however if your main camera is a RED or ARRI then you would look at the Inspire drone with its XC10 camera giving you ore recording options and a great match to the more advanced workflow you will be working in whilst editing the footage together.

Many of our cliets have an existing drone however when going on bigger prouctions or more mission crtical filming projects they will hire a second drone for backup as all drone pilots know things can and do go wrong so having a spare unit ready to go is a must have especially on larger productions. 

In simple terms with the technology to fly the drones all very similar the main consideration when selecting the model will be the look and quality of the footage and recommendations would be as follows, when you need a small drone for the odd additional shot or you are limited on space or trekking for example then the Mavic will do the job, for most aerial filming projects including weddings, corporate, and news productions then the weapon of choice would be the Phantom 4 and if your looking to capture cinematic footage for use in commercials, films or documentaries then the Inspire range of drones would be your weapon of choice.


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